Colored hair is healthier with this new series

Colored hair is healthier with this new series

Although there are already products from foreign brands that work to solve problems with colored hair, obstacles are often encountered such as cost or sometimes reduced performance. raise or achieve the desired color level.

This is because these products are made and formulated not for Asian or Indonesian hair that has a Caucasian or European hair type.

Well, with the theme Let’s Wear Hair Color, Inaura launched Magia Plex Series specially designed for Indonesian hair. The Magi Plex Series was launched in response to many concerns hairdresser and users to change hair color with high levels that require control bleaching/outbreak

As a solution to all these problems, Inaura presents the Magia Plex Series, which is a series of products that will protect your hair during the coloring process and take care of your hair afterward so that your hair is healthy, strong, and shiny natural and long-lasting color change results.

The Magia Plex series consists of five product lines, namely: Magia Plex 1 (Bond Connector), Magia Plex 2 (Bond Sealer), Magia Plex 3 (Color Lock Mask), Magia Plex 4 (Color Shampoo), Magia Plex 5 ( Color Lock).

Colored hair is healthier with the New Series from Inaura

All Magia Plex Series products are fortified with ingredients Sugar Active Complex, Hydrolized Keratin, Urea, Provitamin B5, Almond Extract, Avocado Extract which helps to lock in the color so that it does not dry easily and lasts longer. This Magia Plex Series is intended not only for stylists but also for all of you.

Magia Plex 1, Magia Plex 2, and Magia Plex 3 series are made primarily for professional hair stylists while Magia Plex 4, and Magia Plex 5 are intended for all colored hair as a follow-up care after hair color . Specifically, Magia Plex 3 can use Phairdresser and keeping track of the house.

Colored hair is healthier with the New Series from Inaura

It is hoped that the Magia Plex Series can help professional stylists improve their style because they are able to produce service more professional hair coloring as done by major hair salons. Besides, the Magia Plex Series helps you to take care of yourself at home after the color changing procedure in the salon.

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So don’t worry anymore after changing your hair color because you can take care of it with the new Inaura products. Are you ready to highlight your beautiful colored hair, Bela?

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