Coincidence or Plagiarism? • Kpop News

Coincidence or Plagiarism? • Kpop News

The chart-topping success of Fifty Fifty’s hit single “Cupid” was overshadowed by allegations of plagiarism. Various songs have been reported to bear striking resemblances to the K-pop group’s hit.

Several tracks have been reported to share striking similarities with the popular K-pop group’s song.

The situation leaves us perplexed: are these similarities coincidental or is there a real problem? Let’s compare the songs to “Cupid” and examine how similar they sound.


The first song that raised eyebrows with its similarity to “Cupid” is “Sen Aşkımızdan” by Evrencan Gündüz, Melisa Karakurt and Ece Cansu.

The image released in 2018 can be heard at 1:10.

One user commented, “I’m honestly not sure what number 1 sounds like,” while another said, “I feel like I’m hearing the exact same tune.”

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Debate continues among listeners as to whether the resemblance is significant enough to call it plagiarism.


The second song accused of having a similar melody to “Cupid” is Jin James’ “Exploding,” which was released in 2013. The similarity between the songs is pretty obvious at 1:30.

People’s opinions differ on this, with some saying that the songs mentioned here seem to sound the same as well.

“No, but even the songs here sound the same, so we can just say it’s a similar genre?” said one listener. Others argue that the tunes’ similarity is insufficient to substantiate claims of plagiarism.


Mika Okabe’s “Walk Away,” released in 2021, is another song that has been compared to Fifty Fifty’s “Cupid.” Similarities can be found at both 0:10 and 0:50 in the song.

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Some listeners have commented that the songs might sound similar due to a shared genre, while others argue that the melodies are distinctive enough to warrant suspicion.

“It really is a common tune,” one listener remarked, while another countered, “Am I the only one who can’t hear what’s similar between these?”


Oddly enough, Frank Sinatra’s famous classic “Fly Me to the Moon” has made its way into the discussion, with a handful of people pointing out its resemblance to “Cupid.”

Still, this particular comparison didn’t generate as much chatter as the other examples.

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As discussions continue about the similarities between Fifty Fifty’s “Cupid” and the above songs, it’s important to consider the idea that common genres and common melodies could be at the root of these similarities. Although some songs may have more obvious similarities, it is ultimately up to the listener to decide whether these similarities are purely coincidental or indicative of plagiarism.

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