Code Quantum, the series that probes America

Code Quantum, the series that probes America

Today we take you on a journey through time and discover a project that goes by the name of Code Quantum.

What is quantum code? Desiring to explore time, Dr. Sam Beckett the Quantum Code project. Under pressure to provide evidence or risk having his funding cut, Sam decides to test his prototype himself and finds himself in the past under a different identity. His only contact in his time is Al, the program watcher whom only Sam can see and wait for. He jumps from body to body, correcting past mistakes, each time hoping that the next jump will be the one that will bring him home..

It all started when I was conducting a time travel experiment called The Law of the Series s’la narrates
During this experience, a malfunctioning cosmic clock propelled me from journalist status to serial writer status. Which would have been great if I had written series.
Luckily, Al, my guardian angel, who has been with me from the start, helps me.
Unfortunately, Al doesn’t exist, but I’m the only one who can communicate with him.
In short, I’m going through time, going from one series character’s skin to the next, trying to tell the series about the past, and I hope every time that my next time warp will bring me back home and finally give me back my true face

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