Circle Chart Director calls EXO-L the most passionate K-pop fandom of all time

Circle Chart Director calls EXO-L the most passionate K-pop fandom of all time

EXO-loving EXO-L have been dubbed the most passionate K-pop fandom of all time, according to a Circle Chart director.

Here’s what he said.

Circle Chart Director Votes EXO-Ls Most Passionate K-Pop fandom Soompi

On April 14, “OK POP!!” uploaded a video titled “EXO Special #1” to their YouTube channel.

(Photo: Facebook: EXO)

The video featured Steve Choi, director of Circle Chart and secretary-general of the Korea Music Copy Right Association (KMCA), who is a regular feature in the channel’s “K-Pop Analysis” videos.

The informative videos feature diverse topics such as the success of K-pop artists, mainstream perspectives, and fandoms.

EXO plays THIS tube

(Photo: Instagram: @weareone.exo)

During the EXO special, the director spoke about SM Entertainment’s legendary boy band EXO, who have won the hearts of people around the world with their music, charm and talent. Steve Choi listed the factors that led to EXO’s commercial success.

The subject led him to point out that the EXO EXO-L fandom is the most passionate fandom in K-pop history. The director added that although many have their own opinions on the matter, the statement was personal only to him.

EXO plays THIS tube
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(Photo: Instagram: @weareone.exo)

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Choi added that many fandoms would compete for the title of “passionate fandom.” However, he praised EXO-L for being unconditional and maintaining their love for EXO despite the group’s challenges.

“A lot of people would have their own opinions on this, but if you were to ask me which K-pop fandom I’m personally most passionate about, I’d say EXO-L.”

“EXO-L as a fandom has encountered many complicated feelings and heartaches. But with their great love for EXO, they have managed to deal with the emotional damage over the years.”

Watch the video here:


Eris has been going through a rough patch a few years after EXO debuted in 2012. In 2013, former member Kris Wu filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment, eventually ending his activities with the group.

He was followed by Luhan when he followed him, leading to his departure with Kris Wu in 2014. Tao also filed a lawsuit against the agency in 2015 and left EXO in 2018.

In addition, due to his solo activities, member Lay was absent from their 2017 album The War. However, on June 7, 2021, Lay participated in EXO’s seventh EP, Don’t Fight The Feeling, appearing in the music video and all tracks from the album.

EXO-L respond to Steve Choi’s remarks: “EXO is the standard for current groups”

Regarding the video’s comments, Eris expressed her gratitude to the director. They also noted how amazed they are that EXO can meet the standard.

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Some were simply stunned by Steve Choi’s analysis, while others reflected on the band’s long history and fan base.

Read their comments below:

EXO and EXO-L have such a rollercoaster history.

“Honestly, EXO is the standard for current bands as they have spawned more ambitious idols, pushed a different sound and differentiated themselves from current music.”

“EXO really has the strongest fandom.”

“Thanks for that. EXO is a very good cult group, our previous “Kings of K-Pop”.

“It’s very heartwarming and empowering to see someone say that EXO-L’s journey as fans has never been easy. EXO-Ls are really resilient.”

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