Choo Sung Hoon mourns his father: ‘My superhero’ – Kpopnews

Choo Sung Hoon mourns his father: ‘My superhero’ – Kpopnews

Mixed martial artist Choo Sung Hoon has left his final letter to his late father.

On April 18, Choo Sung Hoon posted several photos taken with his father on his Instagram to mourn his father’s death.

Choo Sung Hoon wrote: “My father, who was a superhero to me. Kind, strong, powerful and knew everything. He taught me so much.

He continued,”But he was also a very scary father. When I did something wrong as a child, I was beaten like I was going to die.Recalling his childhood, he said: “But I never hated my father. He was my superhero.

Chooseung hoon

He also expressed his regret, saying: “My father suddenly left today. There were still many things I wanted to talk to him about and things I wanted him to teach me. I didn’t even get a chance to drink with him. There were so many things I wanted us to do together.

Then he promised: “Now I’m starting to feel better and I wanted to travel with him and eat well.

He promised, “It’s so sudden. From now on in life, I will remember the words my father taught me when it comes time to make important decisions. “When you have to make a difficult decision in life, choose the difficult path. This is the way to success. I will live my life in this spirit.

Chooseung hoon

Finally, Choo Sung Hoon wrote: “Next time we see each other I want to play golf, which my father loves, and drink together.

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In response to Choo Sung Hoon’s post, netizens expressed their condolences and shared their sadness.

Chooseung hoon

Netizens left comments on Choo Sung Hoon’s Instagram, like “May the deceased rest in peace”, “Your father will always be with you, Choo Sung Hoon”, “Stay strong”, “You must think of him a lot and be sad. I offer you my condolences.” etc “He must have gone to a better place.

Choo Sung Hoon lost his father on April 18th. Hearing the news, he immediately left for Japan, and the funeral will be held quietly with his family and loved ones.

Source: Wikitree.