Chocolate Caramel, The Color of ‘Naughty’ and Code for Making Love

Chocolate Caramel, The Color of ‘Naughty’ and Code for Making Love

Different light colors can create different moods. To create a warm and obscene atmosphere in front make lovethere are many recommended lamp colors.

A study by lighting company Electrical Direct found that light colors are powerful in construction nature to make love. As reported from Women and HomeThe study analyzed the color code of the 50 most memorable and interesting sex scenes in movies and TV series.

As a result, brown is the color that can make you feel in a sexual mood. Why? Most popular sex sites (52 percent) use warm tones but the most popular and ‘color’ is caramel brown.

You can check hot spots in ’50 Shades of Grey’, ‘Game of Thrones‘same to you’Atonement‘ they all use this warm, bright color.

Lighting settings are not only a matter of mood but also of desire. A 2016 study by the European Academy of Neuropsychopharmacology found that light has a significant effect on men’s testosterone production.

When the light was bright, men were shown to experience three times more sexual satisfaction. Testosterone levels increased from 2.1 nanograms/milliliter (ng/ml) to 3.6 ng/ml in 2 weeks. Lightning events clearly affect Adam’s spirit in bed.

On the other hand, it appears that lighting affects women’s confidence. Generally, women like to make love in the dark with the lights off.

Research from the Harris Poll found that 62 percent of women prefer to make love in a dark room. Of this number, about 23 percent of women said they did not want their partners to see their bodies.

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In fact, making love is more fun when the room is not dark.

“For some people, controlling the right light is a matter of confidence in their body. Soft light helps them relax and turn off the self-conscious part of their brain,” says sexologist Vanessa Marin as quoted by Well and Good.

These are suggestions for the right color of lights or light to build a sexual atmosphere without making you feel ‘insecure’ with your body.

1. Chocolate caramel
2. Blue
3. Tsiraici
4. Youth
5. Green
6. Red
7. Hero
8. Red-green
9. Bright color
10. Blue-green
11. Blue-pink
12. Ungu muda (mauve)
13. Peach
14. Red brick


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