Children are often self-confident, what makes children so self-confident?

Children are often self-confident, what makes children so self-confident?

Head lice are tiny insects that feed on blood from the scalp. In fact, head lice are more common in children. What causes worms in children?

Parents should not worry because this is normal. Especially, if your child is active and likes to play with many other children.

In general, children are not protective of their space and are able to make physical contact with each other which makes it easier to pass from person to person.

Citing the Mayo Medical Center, the majority of cancer occurs in preschool-aged children in the United States. This trend is also happening in Indonesia, although there are others

Children can relax during story time, cuddle with their best friend or snuggle together at bedtime.

Over time, children will have a lot of contact with each other which can become a breeding ground for cockroaches.

It is also worth noting that girls are more attractive because braids can easily go over long hair. What causes worms in children?

In addition, children also share and exchange personal things without a second thought. They can try on each other’s hats, borrow hair accessories, swap headbands or share pillows during their stay.

Especially girls who like to comb, style, and curl each other’s hair using the same comb. Sharing these items has the potential to spread fleas if exposed within the last 24 to 48 hours.

Therefore, it is good for parents to remind their children not to share their belongings with other children, especially things that they have touched directly. For those who have daughters, make sure their long hair is tied when they go out to play with their friends. If it is spread, it will make fleas easier.

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It can be treated with over-the-counter medications. What can be a problem are nits, which stick to the hair and must be carefully removed with a fine comb.

Household items such as beds, curtains, and stuffed toys must also be ensured to be completely free of bed bugs so that they do not become a source of bed bugs for children.


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