Check out BTS J-Hope’s latest Weverse Live before military deployment unforgettable moments Kpop News

Check out BTS J-Hope’s latest Weverse Live before military deployment unforgettable moments Kpop News

ARMY prepares for another emotional farewell as J-Hope, one of BTS’s most popular members, will enlist in the military on April 18th. Following Jin’s signing in December 2022, fans are now preparing for J-Hope’s turn to serve his country. Under South Korean law, every able-bodied male is required to perform military service, and although BTS originally requested a delay, members are now opting to carry out their duties.

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J-Hope will arrive at a basic military camp in Gangwon-do on April 18, where he will undergo five weeks of basic military training before being sent to his regular unit.

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Watch BTS J-Hope Latest Weverse Live Before Military Deployment Unforgettable Moments

Despite the initial concession to BTS to enlist at age 30, J-Hope withdrew his request to have his service delayed.

Meanwhile, on April 14, BTS’ J-Hope held one last live Weverse before his call-up. Fans were eager to get a glimpse of their beloved idol and J-Hope delivered. Check out these must-have moments from emotional live streaming.

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Daily calls with Jin

J-Hope shared that Jin, the oldest member of BTS, calls him once a day to offer him advice and comfort during this difficult time.

Warm hugs from J-Hope for ARMY

Known for his caring nature, J-Hope practically embraced his fans with his warm hugs and made everyone smile.

A playful moment with ARMY

When a fan asked, “Oppa, do you want to be my boyfriend for 100 years?” J-Hope coquettishly replied, “Wow, are you sure you can handle this?” before taking a sip of water.

Mark your calendars: October 17, 2024

J-Hope has confirmed his military discharge date as October 17, 2024 and has assured fans he will be back.

Don’t worry about J-Hope’s diet

A lover of Korean food, J-Hope assured fans he would eat well while signing up.

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J-Hope’s promise to visit

Just like Jin, J-Hope vowed to visit and update fans whenever possible, saying, “Like Jin Hyung, if I can, I’ll come visit you too.”

Quality time with Jungkook and V

J-Hope mentioned spending some quality time with fellow BTS members Jungkook and V recently to show their strong bond.

Hesitating to end the live stream

J-Hope’s love for his fans was evident as he expressed his reluctance to stop broadcasting live, saying, “Why don’t I want to turn off the live today… I hate turning off the live.”

An important message from J-Hope

Reminding fans to never forget him, J-Hope shared his love for ARMY, saying: “Remember Hobi ~ love you.”

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A farewell full of tears

When the live stream ended, emotions ran high and fans around the world burst into tears. In case you missed it: The BTS Effect: How Jimin’s solo success sent HYBE’s stock price skyrocketing

These unforgettable moments from J-Hope’s last week before his military service are sure to stay in ARMY’s hearts for years to come.

Watch J-Hope live below:

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