César 2023: what happened during the air cut after entering the stage?

César 2023: what happened during the air cut after entering the stage?

Since Friday night and the Cesar’s interruption after an environmental activist took the stage, everyone has played their part. Ahmed Sylla explained what happened.

On Friday night, an environmental activist dressed in a T-shirt stormed the stage during the César ceremony. 761 days left in relation to an IPCC report.
The antenna was immediately cut off. But since Saturday and the publication of pictures where we see the activist evacuated by the security service, the social networks are on fire, everyone goes there according to their opinion and shouts ” blame‘ yelled in passing Ahmed Sylla and Lea Drucker (compared to movie characters Don’t look up from Netflix and accuse them of mocking the matter). No distancing, everyone approaches their analysis without the slightest question and all through photos and “after the fact”, that is, once you know the message and its peaceful tone (which is currently not the case of the “break-in”).

Before we publish Ahmed Sylla’s statements on his Instagram account, let’s remember Each channel must control its antenna : Basically, not everyone can arrive on a set and say their word without the broadcaster knowing about it. Remember that when this activist takes the stage, nobody knows what she will say or do, and once she has said or done it, it is too late to cut the responsibility of the chain that de facto engages is since she didn’t cut it. And contrary to what we have read, it is very different than opening the antenna to a word that is certainly extreme but to which we can bring the contradiction because we may know what it can say. So the most effective setting is to turn off the antenna to maintain control. Some will say that after the antenna returns, we could have asked them the content of their message and let them speak. But if we refer to what Ahmed Sylla explains, the activist seemed to want to convey a message in a “visual” way and had no speech.

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On Saturday afternoon, under fire from critics, the comedian opened up about what happened: ” In my head it happened in stages because you got cut. So the girl comes on stage. I make my outlet, of course, because I don’t know who that person is or what they want. She comes in, I look at Léa. I look at her and she doesn’t speak ‘ he explains in an Instagram story. Continuing his statement: If it’s cut on yours, it’ll last a while on stage. She doesn’t say a word. She remains standing with the t-shirt in her hand. I read it and don’t understand it right away. (…) I try to speak to the young lady. (…) She does not answer“. Then the security service from Olympia enters, wanting to accompany the activist to the exit. ” There was no, no, no violence. I know a photo came out showing her being picked up. That’s because she was laying on the ground the moment security forces arrived. Of course, we didn’t want to lug it around like an ordinary garbage bag. They carried her, they evacuated her. That’s all that happened“. And he concludes that he never wanted to make fun of the fight against global warming.