CES 10 K-Pop Artists Top April 2023 Brand Reputation Rankings Kpop News

CES 10 K-Pop Artists Top April 2023 Brand Reputation Rankings Kpop News

April has been a pretty busy month for K-Pop as many of our artists have pursued their own activities in terms of comebacks, variety shows and other endeavors that have led to their excitement.

As April draws to a close, the Korean Business Research Institute has officially announced its brand reputation rankings for K-pop artists.

Data was collected from March 22 through April 22, with results derived from artists’ media exposure, consumer engagement, community awareness, interaction and more.

Here are 10 K-pop artists who topped the brand reputation rankings in April 2023!

1. New jeans

(Photo: Twitter NewJeans)

For the month of April, NewJeans achieved a Brand Reputation Index of 9,184,363, topping the list. This is because her score increased by 10.23%. The girls also attracted attention with their comeback announcement, in which they revealed their upcoming release in June, followed by an album in July.

2. BTS


(Photo: Twitter)

BTS climbed to second place with its Brand Reputation Index of 8,788,308, achieved by a 10.68% increase. The group also garnered attention when several members charted and sold albums with their debut releases, including Jimin and Suga.

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3. Lim Young Woong

Lim Young Woong

(Photo: Instagram: @im_hero____)

With a brand reputation index of 8,011,212, Lim Young Woong secured third place in the ranking.


Controversy erupts after BLACKPINK's onstage music criticism at Coachella

(Photo: BLACKPINK (Jisoo Instagram))

BLACKPINK achieved an incredible 19.91% increase, resulting in a Brand Reputation Index of 7,938,100. Their popularity in April was attributed to their groundbreaking performance at the 2023 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. BLACKPINK went viral for their incredible performances in one of the biggest musical events in the world.


IVE released first full concept photo

(Photo: IVETwitter)

IVE rounds out the top 5 with a Brand Reputation Index of 5,370,428 AM.” on April 10.



(Photo: ATTRAKT Creative Content Group)

FIFTY FIFTY has moved into the top 10 at No. 6 since it accumulated a Brand Reputation Index score of 4,729,701 in April.

7. User Interface

IU, from naked to smoky...

(Photo: IU Instagram)

At No. 7, legendary soloist IU earned a Brand Reputation Index of 4,567,587. The singer-actress has also been known for her activities, social media presence and efforts with BTS Suga, with whom she collaborated on the song “People Pt.” 2″ worked, trending “.

8. Lee Chan won

Lee Chan won

(Photo: Instagram: @mee_woon_sanae)

Singer Lee Chan Won received an index of 4,252,593.

9. Kim Ho Joong

Kim Ho Joong

(Photo: HanCinema)

Kim Ho Joong ranked 9th where he collected a total of 3,467,321 in April.



(Photo: Twitter: @pledis_17)

Last but not least, SEVENTEEN achieved a Brand Reputation Index of 3,081,288. They were also trending in April due to the release of their 10th mini-album entitled ‘FML’ and its double-tracks ‘Super’ and ‘F*ck My Life’ .

Which K-pop artists on the list are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

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