Celebrity dance coach shares the harsh reality of trainees who never debut

Celebrity dance coach shares the harsh reality of trainees who never debut

A famous idol dance coach has revealed the harsh reality that trainees can’t debut.

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Former idol dance coach Dance Ji Woong spoken to in an interview News1where he told what happens to trainees who never debut.

According to In Ji Woong, apprentice idols typically train for years before making their debut.

It’s different for every company but typically trainees train for 7-8 years before being promoted to a pre-debut team where they train for another 1-2 years before debuting. .

– Dance Ji Woong

The dance trainer revealed how competitive it is for potential trainees to become trainees at all.

This industry is also a pyramid. There are many (prospects) who don’t even become interns. When a major label organizes an audition, we receive up to 10,000 applications.

– Dance Ji Woong

As Ji Woong revealed, once a prospect becomes an intern, it doesn’t get any easier.

If you beat the tough competition and become an apprentice, you begin the process of commercialization. you have no freedom You can’t even go to the supermarket alone. At a time when you shape your values, with which you spend your days unnies etc Watch after who drop out and go on a diet.

– Dance Ji Woong

The dance coach then revealed the harsh reality that awaits those who never debut. According to In Ji Woong, many trainees find themselves in unfortunate situations.

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There are many idols who never debut after 7-8 years of training. Those with purpose find another career path, but those foolish enough to do what they’re told don’t usually end well. They’ve never been to college, their values ​​aren’t strong, and they lack common sense.

A lot of people ask themselves: “What do I do now? There really is nothing left for those who can neither sing nor dance. Some end up becoming severely depressed and make bad decisions, or fall prey to the adult entertainment industry.

– Dance Ji Woong

In Ji Woong says there are exceptions, but while K-pop’s competitiveness is the ultimate driver of the industry’s success, it’s hard for her to see how some trainees end up. The dancer concludes by explaining how rare it is for a trainee to make their debut.

There are many who live well. There is someone who has become a famous dancer. Because the idol industry is a pyramid, K-pop can compete internationally, but it hurts me to see it.

There are trainees who are more beautiful and talented but never make their debut because their image doesn’t fit the group. Since there are so many factors that go into making someone debut, there is a saying that “idols are heaven sent”.

– Dance Ji Woong

You can watch the full interview below.