Celebrating 20 Years, Azarine Holds UVORIA Festiv

Celebrating 20 Years, Azarine Holds UVORIA Festiv

Azarine Cosmetics is one of them skin care brand which was established in September 2002. Azarine known as a product skin care good local people who have made many connections international license such as MARVEL and BT21 also have the ambassador’s sign South Korea Lee Minho, and this year is celebrating his 20th birthday.

20th Anniversary Celebration, Azarine Celebrates UVORIAPopbela.com/Azarine

As a token of appreciation for the 20th anniversary of the founding of Azarine, a series of commemorative events were held to commemorate the anniversary of Azarine. At this time, Azarine Cosmetic held a series of events on 3-4 September 2022. This event was the most attended by Azarine’s family.

Starting from September 3 is work factory visit which was held at the Azarine factory, brought Prilly Latuconsina to tour and do some activities like doing. skin care alone Then in the evening, there was a Gala dinner which was held at Hotel Vasa Surabaya, 100 people were invited, and Prilly Latuconsina was introduced as Brand Ambassador and Inul Daratista.

At this event, the MURI record was also awarded for the First Indonesian Brand to Get a Marvel License in the category of Beauty Products, that is for medical products that were launched on July 1, 2022.

20th Anniversary Celebration, Azarine Celebrates UVORIAPopbela.com/Azarine

On September 4, an event called UVORIA Festival was held and 2000 participants attended. UVORIA theme festival love yourself it means you both love yourself by taking care of your body, and holding you establishment Officially the new product of Azarine: Bodyguard Moisturizer Sunscreen Serum, the first bodyguard in collaboration with BT21.

20th Anniversary Celebration, Azarine Celebrates UVORIAinstagram.com/azarinecosmeticofficial

In addition, this event also presents various activities from After Zumba Party with Fithub, Beauty Talk with Arumi Bachsin and Cella Vanessa, music concerts by presenting Rizky Febian and RAN, Food and drink bazaar, photobooth, and don’t forget the new free Azarine product for every guest who buys a ticket. The event was closed with fireworks which attracted the attention of the participants. Once again, happy anniversary Azarine Cosmetics!

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