Celebrate the New Year with a Personal Gift, Here Are 2 Options to Choose From

Celebrate the New Year with a Personal Gift, Here Are 2 Options to Choose From

Breguet know how

At Breguet, technology is not the only way to develop watch mechanics. They are part of the DNA of DPR, which since 1775 has given equal importance to jewelry, art and design.

Within Breguet itself there are craftsmen who have their own different activities, so they can continue to develop new things that are specifically designated as art.

While similar to modern devices, they are provided with new ergonomics, light, optics, and improved equipment. The workshop is therefore one of the most important in the entire watchmaking industry and its craftsmen are able to implement a variety of geometric designs. With the idea of ​​research and innovation the development of the department continues, especially responsible for the development of new motifs, especially dedicated to this type of art.


In addition to the Breguet Classique 9075, Fimela Friends can also make Pandora an option for prize gifts. In welcoming the end of the year, Pandora presents a new collection with details that encourage mathematics. Not only that, the new Pandora collection is also inspired by nature and other Pandora themes.

“As a result of the musical images of the stars in the sky, our new star design represents a time to express hope for each of us and for the world.” Said A. Filippo Ficarelli and Francesco Terzo, VP Creative Director at Pandora.

The presence of these two collections can be a free choice reward yourself to close the end of 2022. In addition to this, these two collections are specially made with special materials and details making them suitable for Friends of Fimela.

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Author: Angela Marici

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