Celebrate Chinese New Year to Valentine at Kota Kasablanka Mall Get 100% Dining Cashback.

Celebrate Chinese New Year to Valentine at Kota Kasablanka Mall Get 100% Dining Cashback.

Later, after receiving the voucher and earning money, it can be used at a particular restaurant tenant. Some of the participating restaurants include dishes from the land of Sakura such as Sushi Tei, Kintan Buffet, Shaburi, Zenbu, Isshin, Shoppa Steak, Tom Sushi, Menya Sakura, Hokkaido-Ya, Shabu-Shabu Express, Sushi Groove, Sushi Hiro, Yakiniku Like, Menya Musashi, Marugame Udon, Pepper Lunch, House of Omurice, Kimukatsu, and Ramen Ya.

Even during the New Year celebration, it is not complete without visiting the oriental cuisine such as The Duck King. Din Tai Fung, Penang Bistro, The Social Pot, Toast Bax, Pop Chop, and ChiCha San Chen.

For fans of Korean drama-style dishes, you can visit Chung Gi Wa, Ojju, Dookki, Kyochon 1991, Kkuldak, and Gamchi Potato Bread. Interestingly, there is Pho 24, for guests who want to eat Vietnamese specialties and Raa Cha and Ita Suki along with Thai cooking dishes.

If not forgetting Indonesian food, there are Remboelan, Sate Khas Senayan, Tamani, Betawi Cafe, Wayang Bistro, Cobek Penyet, Chop Buntut, Leko, Mangkok Ku, Bakmi GM, Padamu Negeri, Es Teler 77, Laukita, Sate Ponorogo, and Es Cendol Pandan which is famous for its special spices in Indonesian cuisine.

Vouchers can also be used to purchase food and snacks at Inul Vista. While the evening menu is different, you can visit Pizza Marzano, Bakerzin, Nanny’s Pavillon, Kitchenette, Brulee, Oh La La, Denny’s, Salad Stop. Holycow, Burger King, Texas, Pezzo, Steak 21, Wing Stop, Raffel’s, and Pezzo.

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As a dessert for a food tour in Kota Kasablanka, there are Baskin Robbins, Haagen-Dazs, Pan & Co, Sour Sally, Godiva, Dairy Queen, Tiger Sugar, Chuwi, Gong Cha, Kibo, Cold Stone, Hokkaido, Momoiro, Yole, Chicago Popcorn, Lukumades, Mugimido, Saint Cinnamon, Avocado Lovers, Mochi Mochio, Hey! Ni Yogost x Lonteh, Super Furry, C’Bakes, Hop Hop, Happy Lemon, Roti Kemat Condet, and Kemang Donuts.

Baby Bar and Pureeland, which are famous for providing food for babies, also developed this program. Then if you decide to eat at home but want to gather in a cozy atmosphere, guests can enjoy quality coffee at Monsieur Spoon, Toby’s Estate, The Coffee Bean, Paris Baguette, The Peoples Cafe, Tawa Terrace, Flash Coffee and Segafredo Espresso as the choice for guests with family and friends.