Carats break ‘sensitive’ photocard calculations after SEVENTEEN’s ‘FML’ album draws criticism

Carats break ‘sensitive’ photocard calculations after SEVENTEEN’s ‘FML’ album draws criticism

fans of SEVENTEEN claimed it was misleading to state that there are 899 different photo cards that fans of the band’s album can collect, FML.

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On April 23rd, a netizen claimed that 899 collectible photocards had been released as part of SEVENTEEN’s latest album.

The netizen’s allegations have raised concerns that the number of photocards is encouraging fans to buy more albums than are needed to collect the cards.

HYBE labels are heavily criticized for nearly 900 collectible photocards for SEVENTEEN’s “FML” album

Unfortunately, there have been instances when fans have thrown away the album after purchasing it.

A surplus of albums purchased by a fan to qualify for a spot at a fan meetup | elqoo

However, SEVENTEEN fans responded, saying it was misleading to say there were 899 trading cards.

Twitter user @kidultcomplex uploaded a message from a former SEVENTEEN photocard collector. In the thread, the collector explains why the argument about the number of photo cards was unjustified.

According to the collector, the 899 photocards are as follows, and he said it is misleading to include the 312 photocards in the Carat version as part of the 899 photocards.

  • 418 regular album photocards and pre-order benefits (32 per member and 2 photocards with all members).
  • Inclusion of concept version Carat Photocard Pack (312 photocards, 24 per member)
  • 169 fans sign and benefit from Japanese pre-orders (13 per member).
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The collector then explained why counting Karat concept card packs as individual photo cards is misleading. According to the collector, each album contains 24 photo cards.

  • 1 pack contained 24 members’ cards, and the cards are not random. Thus, if a fan collecting a single member’s photocards purchases an album and draws cards for that member, they will receive all 24 cards available for that particular member. If the fan redeems an album of the member’s photos, they essentially have all of the member’s karat versions and do not need to purchase additional albums. The collector matched the cards to a member’s poster included in the album, rather than 24 individual cards.

The collector then breaks down the versions of the albums. Instead of 13 album releases as previously believed, the collector claimed that there had been 6 releases, arguing that member-specific albums were common and therefore it was unfair to claim that there had been 13 album releases. FML because SEVENTEEN had 13 members.

  • 3 normal album versions (2 photocards per member per version), 1 kit version (1 random photocard per member per version), 1 reverse version (1 random set of three per member), 1 carat version (4 random photocards per member).

The collector then disassembles the Weverse releases. According to the collector, instead of individual cards, Weverse collections offer complete photocard sets for members. The collector also claims that many bands have enjoyed a similar amount of pre-order benefits on SEVENTEEN lately. FML.

Karat version FML | seventeen

The collector goes on to say it is “dishonest” to compare the total number of photocards without considering the number of cards per member. Since SEVENTEEN has 13 members, it’s inevitable that the group’s albums will feature more photo cards, and the collector claims that collectors generally buy an album that contains their bias, rather than randomly buying multiple versions. The Collector goes on to state that most collectors focus on the photocards in the albums rather than the cards included in the pre-order perks.

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Finally, @kidultcomplex explained that the model above was misleading as it showed the Karat version’s photocards as separate people when in fact they were grouped into sets.

What are your thoughts?

fountain: @kidultcomplex/twitter