CAP apologizes for live attitude after TEEN TOP Soompi exit

CAP apologizes for live attitude after TEEN TOP Soompi exit

CAP has spoken.

In recent months, TEEN TOP has enjoyed a resurgence of popularity in South Korea, so much so that the group’s comeback after years of inactivity was recently announced.

On May 8, the group’s leader, CAP, was seen live on his YouTube channel to paint. He then smoked a cigarette during the live and responded to fans telling him to quit smoking before discussing the end of his upcoming contract.

What May 11, TOP Media eventually announced that CAP was leaving the group, and the young man took the stage shortly after to apologize for his behavior.

In a letter published via Instagram, he wrote:

” Good morning. It’s Bang Min Soo.

Before I begin speaking, I would first like to apologize to the many people who have been hurt by my words and actions.

I was aware that controversy could arise, but I only thought of myself and acted selfishly.

I was aware that these were actions for which I had to apologize to the people who trusted and supported me and also to the members with whom I spent a lot of time and who are like brothers.

I felt like I had to wear clothes that didn’t fit me for a long time. I wanted to take these clothes off now and ended up committing inappropriate acts.

It’s my fault and negligence and there’s no room for excuses.

I feel sorry for the agency and for the younger members who understood my immature behavior and I apologize to the fans who must have been upset as well.

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Once again I sincerely apologize in the hope that no further harm will be done to the members of TEEN TOP and the agency who are working hard for the comeback.

Thank you to everyone who has enjoyed TEEN TOP’s CAP so far. I was really thankful. »