Cannes 2023: Who is on the jury for the 76th edition?

Cannes 2023: Who is on the jury for the 76th edition?

Ruben Östlund chairs this jury, which includes Julia Ducournau, Goldene Palme 2021 or the American actress Brie Larson, who received an Oscar for Room

A very award-winning jury

Swedish director Ruben Ostlund is the third two-handed filmmaker to become president of the jury, following Francis Ford Coppola and Emir Kusturica. When he was appointed President of the Jury, he confided: “I am happy, proud and humbled to have been entrusted with the honor of chairing the jury at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. Nowhere else in the world does the desire for cinema arouse so much when the curtain rises on a film in competition. How lucky to be with these fine connoisseurs who are the festival goers of Cannes. I firmly believe that film culture is going through a crucial phase. Cinema is unique. we share it Looking together demands more of what is shown and intensifies the experience. It sends back to us something so different than that dopamine released by scrolling individual screens.”

BA by Jeanne du Barry, directed by Maïwen, will open the 2023 Cannes Film Festival.

The members of the jury

Among the 21 films announced in the competition, five men and four women share this exceptional jury. We start with Brie Larson, an American director, actress and singer. She won an Oscar in 2016 for her performance in Room. Since 2019 she has been interpreting the superheroine Carol Danvers in the universe Wonder. The latter is very involved in the feminist cause and is part of the Time’s Up movement, founded in 2019. There will be Juliet Ducourneauthis director who won the 2021 award for her controversial film titanium. Since 2016 with his film Dig, she caught on fairly quickly and is now considered one of the most important directors of the 7th art.

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We will find what we are looking for with this jury Maryam Touzani, a former Moroccan journalist known for her intimate and political cinema. We remember his feature film, Adam, which deals with the position of women in Morocco. His last film, which screened in Cannes last year, caftan blue, dealt with homosexuality in Morocco. French actor Denis Menochet also joins the jury. From coffee camerathrough Ozon’s films to his appearance in Up to the stop, the actor’s reputation is well established. The French-Afghan author and director will be a member of the jury Atiq RahimiPrix ​​Goncourt 2008 for his novel Syngue Saborwhich he filmed in 2013. He holds a PhD in cinema from the Sorbonne.

Damien Szifron, talented Argentinian screenwriter and director, is also part of the jury. It is particularly known z the new savages, Nominated for the Palme d’Or and the Oscar for best foreign film in Cannes in 2014. That year he shot his first film in English, misanthrope, which tells the hunt for a mass murderer in the United States. The famous American actor Paul Dano also part of the jury. About the quiet teenager who becomes enthusiastic about Nietzsche, in a comedy Little Miss Sunshineto the role of an adorable father in Spielberg’s latest film, The Fabelmans, this actor has many strings on his bow. Eventually, to conclude this jury, it will be The story of the bird Who will complete the set, screenwriter and director from Zambia, she directs I’m not a witch in 2017, which tells the story of a little girl accused of witchcraft in a traditional Zambian village. A highly acclaimed film, presented fortnightly and winning Best First Feature at the BAFTA ceremony that same year.

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