Can running reduce belly fat?

Can running reduce belly fat?

Not only lemak on a stubborn plate, but the belly fat is also difficult to get rid of. already upset, inflammation of the stomach what a shame too. Can running reduce belly fat?

How to get belly fat to go quickly? The diet often does not work, the side decreases but the front increases.

Rest assured, stomach upset can actually be overcome with exercise.

The good news is, running is one of the best forms of exercise to lose belly fat.

But unfortunately, long distance running alone won’t help in getting rid of stomach pollution. Changes in diet and lifestyle are definitely needed to lose a lot of weight.

The theory behind running for weight loss is more complicated than just getting in regular exercise. Can running reduce belly fat?

Sports medicine specialist from Sports Medicine, Injury & Rehabilitation Center RS ​​Pondok Indah – Bintaro Jaya Antonius Andi Kurniawan said that to see the results of weight loss, it is necessary to achieve a calorie deficit by burning more calories than the number of calories consumed. to consume

“When we talk about weight loss, it will not be divided by the number of calories,” said Antonius when he met at a press conference in Pakubuwono area, South Jakarta, Wednesday (7/9) .

“So, when we exercise, more calories out, compared to calories in,” he said.

Antonius, who is also one of the marathon runners, emphasized that if the amount of energy in the body is greater than the amount of energy going out, the weight will not decrease.

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Antonius said, “If a person runs in the morning with a distance of 10 to 20 kilometers, but when he is at home he sits all day and does not pay attention to what he eats, then the weight will not decrease,” said Antonius. said Antonius. .

Same thing with a miscarriage or a pregnant woman. Antonius also explained that to get the best results, it is not only necessary to run but also to adjust the diet.

Running expends more energy than doing simple cardio activities like walking.

Studies have shown that the more intense the exercise, the more energy expenditure it takes.

However, the results may vary based on physical characteristics such as age, gender, height, and body mass.

So do you think running can reduce belly fat?


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