Can Inhaling Hydrogen Really Cure Disease?

Can Inhaling Hydrogen Really Cure Disease?

Respiratory medicine hydrogen is being discussed in some circles. It all started with a viral video showing a group of mothers doing hydrogen inhalation therapy.

In the video, it is revealed that mothers are doing hydrogen inhalation which is believed to be effective in curing various diseases.

So, is it true that hydrogen inhalation can cure various diseases?

A pulmonary specialist from Budhi Antariksa Friendship Hospital said that there is no evidence to prove the benefits of hydrogen therapy in curing various diseases. Some studies even say that this medicine has no effect on health.

“Scientifically there is no evidence that it can cure various diseases,” Budhi said when contacted. CNNIndonesia.comMonday (5/9) evening.

Instead of health benefits, there are dangerous side effects that can be obtained from this medicine. Budhi said, the most dangerous side effect is injury to the lungs.

“The worst side effect is the need [luka pada] lungs from inhaling hydrogen,” he said.

Lung injury, Budhi said, refers to various health problems such as pneumonia, hemothorax, pneumothorax, pleural effusion, and other lung problems.

Pulmonologist Erlang Samoedro said this. So far it has not been determined what the actual use of this medicine is.

In fact, Erlang said, there is no medical advice for someone to take oxygen therapy to cure certain illnesses.

“There is no scientific research that says it can cure. This is also a medicine. Yes, please if you want to try, but it is also recommended not to overdo it. You can try, don’t try it also has good.” he said.

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Previously, a study published in NCBI price titled “Recent Advances in Hydrogen Therapy: Biological Possibilities for Preventive and Therapeutic Applications,” said hydrogen gas may be useful in combating depression. Stress and anxiety itself are known as one of the main causes of various diseases.

In particular, gas inhalation does not affect blood pressure and can be a direct treatment method. The study revealed that hydrogen gas can be inhaled by passing the gas through an air circuit, facemask or nasal cannula.

Also, the gas does not cause an explosion as long as the concentration is kept below four percent. However, it must be used with care and the equipment used must also be in accordance with the doctor’s recommendations.


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