Can BABYMONSTER and NMIXX gain popularity in an already busy fourth generation girl group arena? • Kpop News

Can BABYMONSTER and NMIXX gain popularity in an already busy fourth generation girl group arena? • Kpop News

New girl groups have been doing well in the music industry since last year. HYBE sweeps the domestic and foreign music charts, creating sensations known as LE SÉRAFIM and NouveauJeans. SM Entertainment’s aespa also maintains a stable reputation as a “Metaverse Girl Group” and recently hosted their solo concert “SYNK: HYPER LINE”.

With the rapid growth and popularity of fourth-generation girl groups, YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment also decided to enter the girl group competition.

To continue the success of NOIRPINKYG, BABYMONSTER introduces a new “newcomer monster” through a series of self-introduction videos. With seven trainees from three different countries, BABYMONSTER is gaining traction around the world, with over a million views of their videos and a current subscription count of 1.18 million.


On March 6, YG announced the final content of the selection process through a teaser video titled “Last Review.” Yang Hyun Suk, Executive Producer said: “We would like to reveal to the fans the latest evaluation that took place just before the decision was made about the members of BABYMONSTER. And then finalize the best members as BABYMONSTER. Careful attention is paid worldwide to which members are chosen from the range of talents and impressive skills on display.

JYP quickly entered the competition. Their fourth generation girl group, NMIXX, was introduced 3 years after ITZY debuted. Also, their third generation girl group TWICE is still going strong. In its early days, NMIXX attracted attention with the unique music genre “MIXX POP”, a mixture of rap and R&B style vocal lines, and releasing albums in “blind pack”. As unique as it was, this early path came with risks and NMIXX was able to garner a lot of attention, not for poor performance.


Additionally, their former genie reportedly left the group in December last month, which has presented another challenge for the group. With the announcement and release of teasers for their EP ‘expérgo’, fans are waiting to see what NMIXX will do to fight back and finally earn a place in the industry.

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