calls him “my friend” in an interview.

calls him “my friend” in an interview.

user interface revealed that when she’s unhappy with her acting, she asks her boyfriend, her fellow actor Lee Jong Suk help

User Interface | @dlwlrma/Instagram

IU, who recently spoke to the media ahead of the release of her upcoming film, DreamShe was asked if she had discussed acting with her boyfriend, actor Lee Jong Suk, which IU revealed she had.

Since we work in the same profession, we are of course talking about an actor. If there’s a scene before the shoot that I really don’t understand, I’ll send an SOS to my friend.

— User Interface

Earlier, IU and Lee Jong Suk shocked the industry by revealing that they are dating on January 1st. The recent media interview was also the first time IU spoke to reporters since acknowledging their relationship. While the interview might have been awkward for the star, IU also drew attention to the down-to-earth way in which she referred to Lee Jong Suk as “My friend.”

Lee Jong Souk | @jongsuk0206/Instagram

In the interview, IU also revealed that she had invited Lee Jong Suk to attend a VIP screening of her upcoming film Dream. When asked how she thought her boyfriend would react to the film, IU answered honestly.

Since the film hasn’t been released yet, I don’t know how it will react to my performance.

— User Interface

Some may not know Dream is actually IU’s first screen film. The film has been delayed due to difficulties arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, which is why IU runner it was previously released. IU talked about it in the interview.

I worked on this project for about three years. Although runner released earlier, it is important to me that my first feature film has been released and I am really looking forward to it.

— User Interface

Dream tells the story of a rowdy soccer player, a jaded producer and a ragtag crew of players who pursue their dream. The film will be released on April 26th. Watch the movie trailer at the link below.

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