California: ‘Catastrophic flooding’ expected from new storm

California: ‘Catastrophic flooding’ expected from new storm

A new storm is sweeping across California. A bad omen for the residents of the region who are waiting for “flood disasters” when they have already been suffering from bad weather for three weeks.

California is still battered by storms. Since this Saturday, January 14th, an umpteenth low pressure area has hit the area.

The US National Weather Service (NWS) announced on the night of Friday, January 13 to Saturday, January 14 that a storm would “approach the coast Saturday morning and move inland during the day.”

This phenomenon is likely to cause flooding and landslides. 19 people have died since the first storm three weeks ago.

Another risk is that some cities could be cut off from the world due to the rising waves. Some streets may be completely covered, blocking traffic and access.

According to AFP, local authorities have started evacuating certain areas and residents have stocked up on supplies for several days.

California is used to extreme weather conditions, but not such a sequence. This phenomenon could be linked to climate change. According to some scientists, warming increases the frequency and, more importantly, the intensity of these meteorological events.

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