Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth’s Home with Rainbows

Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth’s Home with Rainbows


Grief engulfed the British nation after his death You Elizabeth II. Buckingham Palace or Buckingham Palace confirmed the number of women ruling the UK.

“Buckingham Palace can confirm that the Queen has died,” the statement said.

Buckingham Palace was the residence of Queen Elizabeth II during her lifetime. However, the palace is actually located in the city of London and has been used as the residence of British royalty since 1837.

During the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, Buckingham Palace was the place where various events were held. The event covers everything from celebrations to important announcements from the British Empire.

Not everyone can enter Buckingham Palace. However, starting in 2021, members of the public and tourists can visit at other times, as the royal family opens the Buckingham Palace park for picnics in spring and summer with admission fees.

After the news of Queen Elizabeth II’s death spread, people around London continued to visit Buckingham Palace. They share sadness and lack of leadership You Elizabeth II, by bringing flowers and candles as a sign of mourning.

As if in mourning, the sky of London was filled with rain after the announcement of the death of the queen. Another beautiful moment happened, where in the afternoon, a rainbow appeared in the sky of Buckingham Palace which was sad.

As reported History, the United Kingdom made Buckingham Palace the administrative center. In fact, Buckingham Palace is the new residence for the thousand-year-old monarchy.

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Buckingham Palace in London, England.  (CNN Indonesia/Ardita Mustafa)Buckingham Palace in London, England. (Photo: CNN Indonesia)

Before staying at Buckingham Palace, the British Empire occupied St James’s Palace for more than 300 years from 1531 to 1837. King George III bought Buckingham Palace from Sir Charles Sheffield in 1761.

Initially, Buckingham Palace will be used for the wife of King George III, Queen Charlotte and their children. The house was renovated at a cost of 73 thousand pounds. Queen Charlotte and her children moved into the house.

In 1820, King George III died, and his successor, King George IV, ascended the throne in ill health due to old age. However, since he grew up in Buckingham Palace and loved the place, King George IV later wanted to make it his official palace.

In 1830, King George IV died, his successors such as King George V and King George VI later turned Buckingham Palace into the seat of the British Empire.

The eldest daughter of King George VI, whose full name is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, was named Queen Elizabeth II, after her father died after a long illness. Queen Elizabeth II was crowned at Westminster Abbey on 2 June 1953.


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