BTS’s V turns out to be a “broken millionaire” who asks the real questions in “Jinny’s Kitchen”.

BTS’s V turns out to be a “broken millionaire” who asks the real questions in “Jinny’s Kitchen”.

btsIt is v is young, rich and one of the most talented people in the world but like the rest of the group they are so impressed with their success.

V by BTS

Like many of us, these “broken millionaires” will lose their price hotel nerves, fight over a bag of snacks, get involved in DIY, and more.

BTS during the “Run BTS” episode with Price Clash | BTS/VLIVE



So it’s no surprise that despite their fame and popularity, they never miss an opportunity to make sure they get what they deserve for their hard work. That’s exactly what V did in the first episode of Jinny’s kitchen (also known as Seo Jins).

The idol recently starred alongside the actor in the first episode of the new variety show Lee Seo Jinactress Jung Yu Miand members of the Wooga Squad Park Seo Joon etc Choi Woo Shik.

The casting of “Jinny’s Kitchen” | TVN

In the first episode, the actors got used to the environment in their new restaurant. Seo Jin was concerned about the location of the restaurant as passers-by seemed to ignore it.

When the rest of the cast considered opening up, V apparently had something else in mind. They all sounded interesting when V started saying: “Next to…”

Then ARMYs everywhere couldn’t stop laughing when V asked: “By the way, how much is our salary?”

Seo Jin couldn’t hide her shock at the “intern’s” cheeky comment, and Yu Mi couldn’t stop laughing as V replied: “I just got really curious.”

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Park Seo Joon came to the rescue and said: “Let’s wait and see ’till the sun goes down” and V knew how to attract customers and that was by bringing out his smile.

When the clip was shared, netizens couldn’t get enough of V’s comments and the idol’s candor.

V in particular has recently become a brand ambassador for the Indonesian company SimInvest. Given the size of the company and V’s demand, it wouldn’t be surprising if the idol were paid big bucks to create an iconic commercial.

| SimInvest/YouTube

| SimInvest/YouTube

Sure, V was just gorgeous himself, but it was hilarious that in the midst of the diner talks, V was the first to instinctively ask about the salary.

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