BTS V’s Latest ‘ELLE Korea’ Cover Shocks ARMYs After Showing Off Their Incredible Transformation Over the Years – KpopNews

BTS V’s Latest ‘ELLE Korea’ Cover Shocks ARMYs After Showing Off Their Incredible Transformation Over the Years – KpopNews

btsIt is v She recently caught the eye after an upcoming magazine cover of the idol showed off her immense transformation over the years.

V de BTS | @thv/Instagram

V debuted as part of BTS when he was just 17 and a fresh-faced teenager who drew attention for his adorable looks and otherworldly talent.

V the BTS and concert and 2013 | My Best/YouTube

V de BTS de 2014 | M2/YouTube

Since then he has matured; now at 27, V displays a much more mature vibe in everything he does. Though he’s not afraid to show some aegyo (cute), there’s no denying that V’s visuals have changed over the years.

V the BTS and the spectacle and 2022

BTS’s V in 2022 on a music show

Well, V’s recent activity has cemented just how much V has grown and matured over the years. have in the past few days YOU Korea teased V’s appearance on their post, announcing that the idol would appear on the cover.

March 16th YOU Korea eventually released the covers of the releases and broke the internet after the announcement. As expected, V looked absolutely flawless in all the photos, showing off her sexy and sultry looks in a minimalist concept that allowed her good looks to shine through.

Vs ‘ELLE Korea’ cover | YOU Korea

| YOU Korea

One of the covers in particular caught the attention of fans as it really showed V’s transformation over the years. On the cover, V wore a denim jacket with diamonds and pompoms over a white t-shirt. Along with her hair loose, the main focus of the photo was the cuts and bruises to create a “Hollywood Movie” vibe.

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| YOU Korea

The reason it stood out for ARMYs was because the look was very similar to what the 21-year-old V wore for the Japanese version of the “Blood, Sweat & Tears” music video. At the time the video was filmed, V was also wearing a denim jacket over a white t-shirt with similar bruising to convey the video’s message.

V from BTS during the shooting of the Japanese video “Blood, Sweat & Tears” | GREAT MUSIC

The behind-the-scenes footage from the set of the video in particular showed the similarities between the looks…even if the vibes couldn’t be more different!



Noticing the comparison, netizens couldn’t understand how much the idol had grown in recent years. Although V shares the same charms, he’s definitely matured and he has ARMY’s cute AF.

V has grown rapidly over the years and the comparison between the two photos shows it perfectly.

You can read more about the impact of V on the coverage of YOU Korea under.

BTS’ V is taking the internet by storm after her ELLE Korea covers were revealed and her new status as CELINE Global Ambassador