BTS V, GOT7 Jay B and • Kpopnews

BTS V, GOT7 Jay B and • Kpopnews

Being born left-handed comes naturally to millions of people, and K-pop idols are no different. It’s rare to see left-handers in the industry today, but many artists are known to be left-handed.

Here Are 8 Male K-Pop Idols Known For Being Left-Handed!

1. BTS V

(Photo: V Instagram)

While BTS V was born left-handed, he had also trained to use his right hand outside of his dominant one to balance both and use them to his advantage. Besides V, the left-handed members are also RM, J-Hope, Jimin, and Jungkook, with the exception of Suga.

2. GOT7 Jay B

GOT7 Jay B

(Photo: Twitter: @GOT7)

GOT7 Jay B can use his left hand to write, but can also switch to his right when eating. As a left-hander, the GOT7 leader can stabilize both hands to his advantage.

3. 14:00 Nichchun

Notchun from 2:00 p.m

(Photo: Official Facebook Account at 2:00 p.m.)

Ambidextrous too, 2PM Nichkhun has a knack for maintaining tremendous control with both hands, especially when writing. Aside from him, 2PM Junho is also left-handed. Both members are known for their ambidextrous skills.

4. DIX-SEPT Mingyu


(Photo: Facebook: SEVENTEEN)

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SEVENTEEN has 13 members and Mingyu is the only left-hander. For this, he was so loved that some CARATs considered starting a left-handed club and making Mingyu their president!

5. NCT Songchan

NCT song

(Photo: Facebook: NCT)

Originally, the NCTzens believed that there were no left-handed members in the NCT. Luckily, NCT Sungchan put all doubts to rest when he said he was left-handed during a variety show. NCT Taeyong even praised him for the beauty of his writing!

6. Zico

Zico, the upholstery is digested in fashion ... Even the charismatic eyes

(Photo: ZicoInstagram)

Zico is also known to many people as being ambidextrous. He uses his left hand for drawing and his right hand for writing, which impresses many people.

7. Stray Kids Lee Know

Stray Kids Lee Know

(Photo: Instagram: @realstraykids)

Stray Kids’ Lee Know is also known to be ambidextrous, as his dominant use of the left hand is sometimes shown in variety shows.

In an episode of “2 Kids Room,” Lee Know appeared with fellow cast member Changbin. During the show, the two pointed out that Lee Know was a southpaw.

8. TXT Tae Hyun

TXT Tae Hyun

(Photo: Facebook: TXT)

TXT Taehyun is also left-handed. During a fan interaction, the idol was asked if he was comfortable with his left hand. Taehyun replied that he was used to it since he was born left-handed.

Do you know any other left-handed male idols? Let us know in the comments below!

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