BTS’ V calls J-Hope on Weverse for “swearing” on J-Hope’s new music video

BTS’ V calls J-Hope on Weverse for “swearing” on J-Hope’s new music video

As one of the youngest bts, v never shy away from addressing the older members of the band in the most iconic way…it’s endearing and shows the close bond that binds them all together.

V de BTS | @thv/Instagram

Recently, the idol caught the eye with her hilarious reaction to a comment from J-hope.

J-Hope from BTS | @uarmyhope/Instagram

On March 17th (KST), Jimin released the music video for his song “Set Me Free Pt.2”. Of course, it wasn’t surprising when the entire internet collapsed with everything from the amazing song, the unreal choreography… and her outfit.

BTS Jimin’s New Video | HYBE LABELS/YouTube


Of course, after Jimin posted the video, he took to Weverse to share that he hopes fans enjoy it…

Jimin’s message to ARMYs on Weverse | BTS/Weverse

Members were quick to share their support and it was no surprise that the first member was J-Hope. In the comments, J-Hope responded to how crazy it was, adding that Jimin “ripped it up.”

| BTS/Weverse

This was J-Hope’s second comment that really caught the attention of fans…and ultimately V. Under Jimin’s post, J-Hope wrote: “ㅠㅠㅠ Jonna cool ㅠㅠ”

J-Hope’s Eye-Catching Comment | BTS/Weverse

While many were puzzled by the word as it was written in Korean, “Jonna‘ is actually the romanization of a word actually used with adjectives as a milder version of a swear word. In this case, the phrase added to “cool” would mean that something is “very” cool, but in a more explicit way.

V was the next idol to show up, although he originally came to say: “Yes, I enjoy it…”

| BTS/Weverse

It seems like ARMY’s, V was drawn in by J-Hope’s swearing comment! Like any younger brother, V wasn’t afraid to call him hyung for the swear word he just used on Weverse. Funnily enough, this was all due to J-Hope using English for the word.

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In his commentary, V hilariously wrote: “Hyung, do you think it’s ok as long as it’s in English?”

V’s response to J-Hope’s “swearing” comment | BTS/Weverse

What made it even funnier was that for many Weverse users, the meaning varied widely, as fans pointed out that the machine translation was: “Do you think you can speak English?” which is very different.

The machine translation of Vs Comment | BTS/Weverse

As always, V never fails to make ARMYs laugh through his interactions with members. While he was quick to praise Jimin, his reaction to J-Hope’s comment was one of genuine brotherly energy.

You can read more about J-Hope’s first comment below.

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