BTS Suga Said 2016 Was A Difficult Time He Doesn’t Want To Remember – Kpopnews

BTS Suga Said 2016 Was A Difficult Time He Doesn’t Want To Remember – Kpopnews

BTS Suga, who recently made a comeback as “Agust D,” recalled difficult past experiences.

On April 24th, episode 9 of “Suchwita” was uploaded to BTS’ official YouTube channel, “BANGTAN TV”. This time, Suchwita was hosted by BTS RM, who interviewed Suga about her new album, D-DAY, which was released under Suga’s nickname Agust D.

Here RM asked Suga to explain the meaning of Agust D and the title of his album “D-DAY”. To this Suga said: “I think I should tell you how I first came up with the name of Agust D.” add to, ‘D, T (Daegu Town), so if you read D Town SUGA backwards, it becomes Agust D. my middle name’ in the lyrics. It was like a short teaser.

“Then I released my first mixtape called Agust D. That was in 2016.” he continued, adding, “2015 and 2016 were really tough years for us that I don’t even want to remember. Even though things were going great for us, I had all these complicated feelings. I thought, ‘I’m going to show you how raw my music can be.

According to Suga, his songs were very aggressive back then, and as “Agust D” he talked about a lot of things that were difficult to talk about as an idol. However, it wasn’t as if he was severing a part of himself, it was as if he were expressing himself with fewer limitations.


Suga then revealed that “D-DAY” is the final installment in the “Agust D” trilogy and that D-Day is an ending but also the beginning of a new beginning. When asked if he wouldn’t use the name Agust D afterwards, Suga replied: “I have many ideas about this» before saying that he will probably release a solo album under the name ‘Suga’.

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“I have to separate the two,” Suga also admitted, adding that the posts and stories may be too heavy for Suga to post.

Next, RM asked if Suga thought Agust D and SUGA were different characters. To which Suga replied: “Yes, I split it up a bit. There is the producer SUGA, just SUGA

and Agust D, those three, ‘Produced by SUGA’ is something I use when working on external projects. Like ‘Prod. SUGA’, I always just focus on the artist and the audience.

The male idol and producer also said: “And as SUGA, since I’ve been with BTS, my focus has been on BTS music.” add to, “As Agust D, I meant everything I wanted to say. It was my original idea of ​​not having to filter things.


Eventually Suga confessed “But as Agust D I talked a lot about myself. So now I have nothing more to say and it has thrown me into a huge meltdown. It was so bad that I even thought, “I used everything I had to make my music”. What should I do now?”.

He also likened that experience to being as difficult as it was when BTS released The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, adding: “That’s why I was very hesitant to release it as SUGA or Agust D.”

Source: Daum