BTS’ Suga Introduces Jimin At His August D Concert In New Jersey… And Immediately Regrets It – Kpopnews

BTS’ Suga Introduces Jimin At His August D Concert In New Jersey… And Immediately Regrets It – Kpopnews

btsIt is Suga is at his third concert SUGAR | August D DAY D World tour, this time taking the high-energy show to Newark, New Jersey.

BTS Suga Day 1 “D-DAY” concert in New York | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Before starting his tour, Suga had another member jimin on his YouTube show Suchwita as a special guest.

The two entertained ARMYs with their hilarious banter and close friendship, and fans couldn’t help but be amused when Suga repeatedly asked Jimin to join him as a guest during his tour.

Suga continued to negotiate with Jimin and told him to join him on stage to perform their song “Tony Montana” together.

Out of Suchwita Show hilariously showed Suga that he doesn’t take no for an answer as he brought his powers of persuasion to Weverse and dubbed Jimin.Park Jimin Billboard Hot 100 #1 Singer, Very Cool, Concert Guest…

While ARMYs tried not to be hopeful, they couldn’t help but be optimistic after it was announced Jimin would be attending the grand reopening Tiffany & Co.‘s flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York, appropriately back when Suga was performing in New York and neighboring New Jersey.

Although Jimin didn’t show up for the second night of Suga’s New York concert, he shocked fans after stopping by Suga’s show in New Jersey on April 29.

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Fans in the venue saw a private car pull up at the side of the arena and eagerly awaited to see the VIP guest. Naturally, when ARMY spotted Jimin’s familiar physique, nearby fans went into a frenzy and cheered as he entered the venue.

There was no doubt that Jimin was in the building, but it was confirmed that he was there to cheer on his hyung when Suga gave her a special greeting during the show and immediately “regred” it.

When the place turned to that maknae– Member of the row and it was hard to hear anything other than shouts of support, Suga hilariously tried to get ARMY’s attention back on him by asking the crowd to focus on him as it was his concert.

The cheering continued as Suga again jokingly asked to draw the attention of the crowd.

Of course, the hilarious moment was a lot of fun, and it was an unforgettable surprise for the ARMYs in attendance when they saw Suga and Jimin.

When his peers aren’t in the audience, Suga always finds a reassuring way to ensure OT7 stays together throughout the tour. Learn more about it in the following article!

BTS’ Suga takes his members with him even when he’s solo, and now ARMYs are in their feelings