BTS’ Suga ‘exposes’ the downside of performing his music to colleagues at Kpop News

BTS’ Suga ‘exposes’ the downside of performing his music to colleagues at Kpop News

btsIt is Suga is currently promoting his first full solo album, D-TAGBut it continues to prove that even though BTS is focused on their solo promotion, they still reach out to each other when they need advice, help or support.

(From left to right 🙂 V, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, RM, Jimin and J-Hope from BTS | weaver

Suga has previously released solo music and released two previous mixtapes under his creative moniker August d. This time, however, he took ARMYs behind the scenes of his solo release preparations like never before.

Before releasing his new music, he showed fans a new side of himself by hosting his own YouTube talk show. Suchwitawhere he interviews other celebrities and talks about life, music, his creative process and more.

For his talk show, he also called on his colleagues, such as jimin joined him as a special guest, and rm joined him twice.

RM (left) and Suga (right) from BTS on the set of Suchwita | @Agustd/Instagram

He also had help from BTS members while working on his solo music, but not in the way he expected.

In his recent interview with rolling Stonehe confirmed to have played it D-TAG album to his colleagues before it was finished while he hilariously explained how they tried to provide feedback.

BTS’ Jimin (left) and Suga (right) on the set of Suchwita | @Agustd/Instagram

The other members don’t really give me feedback. Yes, but their comments sound like what people at Disney said to me when they heard my music. They just say something like, ‘Wow, this album is sick!’

– Suga from BTS

Though it’s often hard to ignore a compliment, Suga finds that his bandmates’ kind words aren’t all they seem.

I can’t really be sure if this is objective, so I try to rely on outside reviews. Members always tell me it’s good. If I show them something that isn’t good, they won’t tell me it’s not good.

– Suga from BTS

| @Agustd/Instagram

He always appreciates the support of his colleagues, even if he doesn’t know how to respond to their comments.

I still appreciate them. They motivate me and give me courage.

– Suga from BTS

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