BTS’ Suga Explains How He Treats Artists He Collaborates With Kpop News

BTS’ Suga Explains How He Treats Artists He Collaborates With Kpop News

As one of the best bands in the world, that’s no surprise bts collaborated with some of their global stars. Out of Steve Aok pour cold gamepour Nicky Minaj, Halseyetc Snoop DoggBTS continues to help bring together some of music’s biggest names, breaking down barriers and breaking records with their iconic collaborations.

(From left to right 🙂 RM, V, Jimin, Jungkook, Jin, Suga and J-Hope from BTS | @BTS_twt/Twitter

These star-studded collaborations aren’t limited to BTS’s group outings. While the band members made their solo debut, they also collaborated with some impressive global artists, including some of their own musical inspirations.

Jin worked with Coldplay on The Astronaut J-hope work with J Cole in “On the Road” jimin featured on Tae Yang by BIGBANG“VIBE” one rm worked with several artists for his indigo album, incl High peakIt is panel, Paul Blanco, Where are you?, Park Jiyoon, Erykah Badu, Anderson Paak, youjeenand more.

J. Cole (left) and J-Hope from BTS (right) | @uarmyhope/Instagram

bts Suga has not only collaborated with artists on tracks, but has also written and produced for his idols and other global artists.

On his last album, Suga collaborated with colleague J-Hope, best soloist user interface, The RoseIt is woosungand his childhood musical hero, the late Japanese Oscar winner Ryuichi Sakamotowho had fond memories of working with the BTS star.

Even though he’s a top idol, I got the feeling from our conversation that he’s a humble and cool young man who is serious about his music. It got to the point where I was wondering if he had any hobbies other than thinking about music.

– Ryuichi Sakamoto

BTS’ Suga (left) with Ryuichi Sakamoto (right) in the trailer for his documentary SUGA: Road To D-DAY. | Disney+

Suga has also collaborated with veteran hip hop group Epik High and PSI in the past. When you’re working with such an impressive roster of the world’s best talent, you wonder what it’s like in the studio with Suga at the helm.

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in his last rolling Stone In the interview, he talked about his creative process working with another artist and what it was like to work with his talented friends.

I’ve been making music for 17, 18 years, but when I’m working with someone else I never put pressure on them.

– Suga from BTS

| @Agustd/Instagram

Suga is diligent in his song production process, but when it comes to his star artists, he keeps his cool and has complete faith in talented artists.

The other artist will say, “What am I supposed to do here?” and I say, ‘Anything you want.’ I don’t really intervene.

– Suga from BTS

Although not interfering, he controls the artist’s progress.

But I’ll ask to hear something that’s going on, check it out here and there. That’s pretty much my process.

– Suga from BTS

| @Agustd/Instagram

Suga’s songs with featured artists regularly top the charts, so it looks like he’s found a process that works!

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