BTS RM’s fluid interaction with Kelela on the “Bottega Veneta” show goes viral

BTS RM’s fluid interaction with Kelela on the “Bottega Veneta” show goes viral

btsIt is rm recently taken over Milan fashion weekher debut in a fashion show at Bottega Veneta Ready-to-wear Fall Winter 2022-2023 show collection.

Ahead of his arrival in Milan, RM proved he was the main event with his ultra-chic appearance at the airport.

RM from BTS arrives at the airport for her flight to Italy.

The Italian luxury fashion brand has been eyeing the RM of BTS, with eagle-eyed netizens spotting the creative director. Matthew Blazyand Chief Marketing and Digital Business Owner of Bottega Veneta, Dario Gargiulofollow RM on Instagram in mid-January.

Sudden social media activity followed BTS’ announcement jimin to be named global ambassador of diors etc Suga to be named global ambassador of ValentinoRaise hopes that Bottega Veneta would also appoint RM ambassadors.

While netizens continue to wait and see if he becomes an ambassador, RM’s appearance at their Milan show confirmed that RM is an effortless fit for the luxury brand.

Even when RM arrived in Milan, he wowed netizens with his confidence and impeccable style, effortlessly switching between casual and high-end fashion looks.

At the time of the Bottega Veneta runway show, netizens were stunned by RM’s incredible star power as he showed off his model visuals in an outfit from Bottega Veneta’s latest collection.

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RM by BTS at the Bottega Veneta Ready-to-Wear Fall Winter 2022-2023 show in Milan

Netizens curiously wondered if the leader of K-pop’s top group had arrived or if it was the President after seeing the crowd of security personnel surrounding RM.

While he took fans’ breath away with his beautiful pictures, netizens noticed another heartbreaking moment.

RM sat in the front row of the show alongside the talented and gorgeous American singer Forgive me.

As they began posing for photos, the two artists exchanged a brief salute before RM surprised Kelela by leaning forward and praising her new music by saying: “Hello, I love your new album.

Although the video ended shortly after RM said so, it lasted long enough to catch Kelela seemingly flattered and surprised at the unexpected compliment.

The brief moment quickly went viral as netizens loved the sweet interaction and are now hoping the two talented artists can collaborate in the future.

Despite attending a fashion show for the first time, he showed no signs of nervousness as he made friends easily while flaunting his friendly personality.

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