BTS Jungkook Vaping? ARMY’s Spot Idols E-Cigarette Live Stream • Kpopnews

BTS Jungkook Vaping? ARMY’s Spot Idols E-Cigarette Live Stream • Kpopnews

BTS Jungkook’s latest live broadcast caught ARMY’s attention due to the presence of his e-cigarette. Here’s what people are saying.

ARMYs discover BTS Jungkook electronic cigarette in Weverse live stream

On March 14th, the newest member of BTS, Jungkook, hosted three separate live streams on Weverse.

(Photo: Facebook: BTS)

In the show, Jungkook is shown engaging with ARMYs and enjoying their real interaction and time together. The idol also showed off her liquor collection, which impressed ARMYs.

Some fans even joked that the whiskey and scotch brands featured by Jungkook would sell out immediately after appearing in the singer’s live performance. ARMYs were also thrilled to see Jungkook’s outfits across all three live streams and comment on his diverse fashion tastes.

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(Photo: Jungkook (News1))

Jungkook’s spotlight was also added by the presence of leader RM when he suddenly appeared in chat with a song request. With all these key moments to remember, ARMYs couldn’t get enough of their shows.

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On the third live, however, things took a weird turn for a different reason. Jungkook was shown in a comfortable jacket and hat, which gave the video a cozy feel.

According to ARMYs, the final broadcast was the most relaxed of the three as Jungkook just sits, drinks and chats with fans.

During the session, eagle-eyed fans spotted a device on the bottom left. It was later clarified that it was a vape, also known as an electronic cigarette. Jungkook seems to have noticed that the device was exposed outdoors and immediately removed it from sight!

BTS Jungkook Vaping?  ARMYs Spot Idols e-cigarette live stream

(Photo: Twitter)

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Jungkook’s actions made ARMYs laugh due to his unpredictability. In K-Pop, image is a major issue for all artists and can result in limited promotions. This also applies to the vaping ban.

Nonetheless, ARMYs still support Jungkook’s free spirit since he is also a grown man. Some have even wondered what flavor Jungkook uses for their vape!

Read their reactions below:

“Does anyone know which one it was lol I’m very curious. I saw somewhere in other reviews that it has strawberry flavor. I didn’t think it was his choice.

“Most likely strawberry watermelon. It is delicious.”

“Anyone know the brand and taste? For research purposes only.

“Every day I love this man a little more.”

BTS Jungkook’s other funny live streams on Weverse

On February 2nd, Jungkook hosted a live stream that is memorable given its four-hour runtime.

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Live, Jungkook gave ARMY a shuffling experience, singing a total of 37 songs. Alongside his karaoke vacation, the maknae also shared some adorable moments with fellow Doberman Bam.

There were also some key funny instances where RM from BTS showed up in his chat drunk and made Jungkook and ARMYs laugh. Another member, BTS V, also appeared in one of their lives exuding bestie vibes with Jungkook.

What was your reaction to coming into contact with Jungkook’s vape?

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