BTS Jungkook and V’s Dynamic at the “Dream” premiere bring back memories

BTS Jungkook and V’s Dynamic at the “Dream” premiere bring back memories

btsIt is v etc Jungkook have been friends for over a decade and over the years their relationship has evolved.

V by BTS
Jungkook from BTS

The couple recently made a surprise appearance at the premiere of Dream. Dream is an upcoming sports comedy about a soccer player who must coach a team of homeless players who will compete in the Homeless World Cup. movie stars user interface and V’s close friend Park Seo Joon.

Park Seo Joon (left) and IU at the premiere of “Dream”

Although Jungkook is a powerhouse on stage, he is naturally shy and always gets nervous in front of an audience.

… although I’m not at all nervous when singing in front of tens of thousands of people, I get super nervous when I have to sing or speak in front of a small group. I never feel that way on stage, but maybe it’s hard for me to do things that make me a little uncomfortable.

-Jungkook, Weber Magazine

Though he’s come a long way since his training, Jungkook still turns to the social butterflies in his life for support. One of them is V. During the premiere, V encouraged Jungkook to joke with him on stage and held out his hand when they entered.

Their cute dynamic brought back memories of the early days of BTS. In Jungkook’s “My Biography” interview for Japan’s Volume 8 CF Review he credited V with helping him get out of his shell.

During my internship I was very shy and lacked social skills. But things got better after V joined the company. V and I have similar personalities and it is thanks to him that I came out of my shell. The closer I got to V, the more I liked him.

– Jungkook

Later, in an episode of BTS’ 2020 reality show, In the ORJungkook spoke about how he and V have changed since then. During her rookie days, V was outgoing and outgoing, but according to Jungkook, he became more reserved and her dynamic changed.

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| weaver
| weaver

(V) used to be the easiest person to converse with, but once we started spending time alone there was a side of things that got a little awkward with V. He used to joke all the time, but he’s more reserved now.

When he first approached me we cleared a lot of it and I also reflected on how I had open conversations with everyone except V. I’m glad he planned this time together.

– Jungkook

“Thereafter,” It’s Jungkook. “Even though things are exactly the way they were when we were younger, it still feels like some things have gone back to the way they used to be.

| @bts_twt/twitter

Somehow Social Butterfly V and Shy Jungkook look like Dream Premiere was like a trip back in time when their friendship was just beginning to blossom.

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