BTS’ J-Hope takes ARMY Durst comments seriously

BTS’ J-Hope takes ARMY Durst comments seriously

Durst tweets are becoming more common, so much so that they’re not unique to Twitter. Fans will be posting comments about Weverse during live broadcasts and more, and even celebrities are reading them.

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BuzzFeed has a popular YouTube series where celebrities read select thirsty tweets about them. Many K-pop idols participated, including Eric Nam, Wonho, Jay B de GOT7, Mark Tuan, etc Jackson Wang (Just to name a few).


BuzzFeed previously teased BTS as a guest on the show, causing some excitement among ARMYs on Twitter.

Though we probably won’t be getting BTS on “Thirst Tweets” any time soon, J-hope shockingly read some thirsty comments during his recent live stream…


J-Hope hosted a live show to celebrate the release of his new single “on the street” with his idol, the American music artist J. Cole.

He went out to live and he totally served up boyfriend vibes. It was like a POV date.

However, things took a turn when one fan commented: “Woof woof,” represent barking. So J-Hope changed things up and started treating ARMYs like his pup, and honestly we’re not mad about it. As SMS say, “I just want to be your dog!”

But that’s not all. J-Hope read another thirsty comment, “walk on me” and took it very seriously. So he set us down and started “stomping” on the camera.

ARMYs didn’t expect that J-Hope would not only read comments like this, but more importantly, they never thought he would go so far as to “step on us”.


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It was quite an eventful live broadcast. We can now say that we had a date with J-Hope, but also that he was trampled on…

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Watch more fun moments from J-Hope’s live stream below.

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