BTS’ J-Hope Reveals Reason for Conscription Plans and Calms ARMY Down

BTS’ J-Hope Reveals Reason for Conscription Plans and Calms ARMY Down

ARMYs knew this would happen eventually, but that didn’t lessen the emotional impact many felt GREAT MUSIC revealed that btsIt is J-hope ended his deferral from military service, meaning he is now eligible for call-up.

J-Hope from BTS | @uarmyhope/Instagram

Bon jour.

We would like to inform our fans that j-hope has initiated the military recruitment process by requesting the termination of his recruitment moratorium.

We will inform you about further updates in due course.

We ask for your continued love and support for j-hope until he completes his military service and returns safely. Our company will spare no effort to support our artist.



Shortly after the official announcement, J-Hope took to Weverse to reassure fans in a livestream, where he showed up with his usual upbeat energy.

He warmed the heart, the Weverse lived all around others; From reassuring the ARMY to supporting his peers, J-Hope showed his true self by making sure others were taken care of first.

To keep the ARMYs positive, J-Hope revealed he’s been contemplating when to commit since last year. He eventually decided that earlier enlistment would mean he could return to the precious ARMYs sooner and show off his selfless personality.

I think I’ve been thinking about this for the past year. After Jin-hyung walked in, I wondered when I should do the same. As I thought about it, I decided the sooner I got in, the sooner I could come back and show you something good.

— J-Hope Translated by @ryuminating/Twitter

When the announcement was made, he was contacted by his colleague Jin, who is currently doing his military service. Jin had words of wisdom for the young member and helped him know what to prepare.

Well, as soon as the ad came out, (Jin) called me. (Laughs) He said, “J-Hooooooope. You’re next.” I asked him this and that. He sort of told me what to prepare…yeah…”

— J-hope

Jin then went public with his endorsement with some additional advice dongseng. Check out their hilarious exchange in the article below!

BTS’ Jin has been joking about J-Hope’s upcoming military service for days

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