BTS J-Hope Cancels Convocation Postponement + ARMY’s Demand Idol’s Album From BIGHIT MUSIC

BTS J-Hope Cancels Convocation Postponement + ARMY’s Demand Idol’s Album From BIGHIT MUSIC

BIGHIT MUSIC has announced the cancellation of the postponement of the military deployment of BTS J-Hope and its solo release preparations. After seeing the ad, ARMYs requested a “J-Hope Album” from the company.

Here are all the details.

BIGHIT MUSIC announces cancellation of postponed recording of BTS J-Hope solo single “On The Street”.

On February 26th, BIGHIT MUSIC uploaded an official statement regarding J-Hope’s call-up and solo release.

(Photo: Big Hit Music)

The announcement was made on Weverse, letting fans know that J-Hope has started the early stages of his recruitment process by ending his procrastination. The agency also assured netizens that further updates would be announced as needed.

BIGHIT MUSIC also advised fans to support J-Hope until the end of his military service. They also expressed their support for the idol in his endeavors.

BTS j-hope solo activity documentary released worldwide on February 17th

(Photo: J-Hope Instagram)

A follow-up message was also published on Weverse shortly after the announcement. The sequel included information on J-Hope’s forthcoming solo single “On The Street”. According to BIGHIT MUSIC, the song will feature J-Hope’s heartfelt feelings towards ARMYs and showcase his street dance roots.

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J-Hope will also tell fans about his origins as he pursued his dream of becoming an artist and his connection to ARMYs.

BTS J-Hope Cancels Conscription Postponement + ARMYs Demand Idols Album From BIGHIT MUSIC

(Photo: Weverse)

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BIGHIT MUSIC added that J-Hope’s new music will mean a lot to fans and asked them to look forward to his next solo single.

“On The Street” will be released on Friday, March 3rd at 2pm KST.

Read the full announcement below:



We’re excited to announce that BTS member j-hope will be releasing a solo single “on the street”.

J-hope wrote the track to share his sincere feelings towards his fans. The title “in the street” refers to the roots of j-hope – street dance – from where his dream of becoming an artist began and to the path that artists and fans will continue to walk together.

We hope j-hope’s “on the street” will be a meaningful gift to all who support the artist. I’m looking forward to the new song by j-hope!

Posting Date & Time: 2:00 PM Friday 3 March 2023 (KST)

Thank you.”

ARMYs ask BIGHIT MUSIC about J-Hope’s album: “Why just release a digital single?”

When ARMYs saw the announcement, they were frustrated with “On The Street” being released digitally only. ARMYs demanded a physical album from BIGHIT MUSIC and expressed how much J-Hope deserved one before they came forward.

BTS J-Hope Cancels Conscription Postponement + ARMYs Demand Idols Album From BIGHIT MUSIC

(Photo: Instagram: @uarmyhope)

They also recalled that J-Hope didn’t have a physical album on his previous album, Jack In The Box. Others argued that it wasn’t too late to give J-Hope a “proper album”.

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See her comments below:

“Give me a real album.

“I am proposing the release of J-Hope’s first solo album ‘Jack In The Box’ as a physical album CD. It’s not too late, so please do now.”

“Why is Hobi just releasing a digital single before he enlists?”

“Please give me a real album before J-Hope joins the army!”

Others, however, were excited about J-Hope’s next song:

Are you looking forward to the new single from J-Hope? What do you think of the request?

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