‘Broken Orgasm’, When It Makes You Suddenly Climax

‘Broken Orgasm’, When It Makes You Suddenly Climax


Ready for a fun bed test? Time to try Ejaculation disorder title ejaculation decay.

The question of the test of inheritance matters is clearly not a mere matter foreplay. A few ejaculations can be activated, one of them with a broken ejaculation.

Orgasm itself is considered the peak of sex. However, why should it be destroyed?

“For most people, the experience of erectile dysfunction can be subtle, where they derive pleasure and satisfaction from not feeling good,” said Rev. Rucifer, the sexologist, as quoted from A healthy line.

He explained that ejaculation is the time when a person reaches the peak of sexual power and ejaculation, but in the end, this time is only destroyed. According to him, this type of ejaculation includes control that is often researched in sex you.

Ejaculation can also include elements of sadism and masochism. Why? There are parties that hold power, power, and power.

Daniel Saynt, founder of The New Society for Wellness in New York City, explains that there is a sense of power and pride when you can give your partner pleasure and choose to take it away.

“Unfortunately, refusing to allow a partner to ejaculate is rooted in power, wanting to control sexuality and owning the partner’s ejaculation,” says Saynt. Cosmopolitan.

How to do it?

1. Start with ‘permission’

Model of Sex, Model of Sex, Model of Husband-Wife Relationship, Model of Sex, Model of Sex, Model of Sex, Model of Sex, Model of Sex, Model of Sex, Model of Sex , Sex Model, Sex ModelExample. Ejaculation is a sexual activity that stops suddenly when a man is about to reach puberty. (Istockphoto/KAZITAFAHNIZEER)

Damage or failure may not be in your and your partner’s vocabulary. It is best to talk to your partner about this test to get an agreement though accept.

“Don’t just tie up your partner and start torturing them without admitting that this is something you want to try,” says Carol Queen, sex therapist at Good Vibrations.

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2. Build something ‘hot’

The Queen advised the dominant party to destroy the loyalists. Dominant parties do not have to be male, women can be dominant and powerful.

Persuade him with care. manual labor or finger. Starting from areas outside the immediate area to the ‘main’ area. Give surprises like by teasing a nearby place and then moving it to another place.

3. Keep encouraging

Orgasms can be damaged by too much stimulation or stimulation. This is the same as not giving a chance or pause for someone to reach ‘the top’.

After ejaculation, most people are still very sensitive. Try to continue to strengthen so that this period of ejaculation is completely broken.

4. Turn on and stop

There may be more to come. However, you can spoil the fun by pausing the game. This is annoying, but apparently there are those who enjoy ‘spoiling’.

You can continue to breed until the couple ‘heats’ or reaches the point of ejaculation. After that, stop the game and ask your partner to ‘work’ on his own.


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