British Royal Military Intelligence: Don’t Smile and Don’t Go to the Bathroom

British Royal Military Intelligence: Don’t Smile and Don’t Go to the Bathroom

Protecting one of the most famous buildings in the city of London, England and guarding the most famous empire in the world is not an easy thing. British Army who woke up a Buckingham PalaceLondon, England, is a resort.

He stood out in his beret hat and red coat as he stood in the checkpoints at Buckingham Palace. Don’t forget the gun they are holding while they are on guard.

The death of Queen Elizabeth II has shed more light on the British royal forces keeping an eye on Buckingham Palace, where the queen resides.

Of course, the British royal family is a favorite of the media in the world, but there is no denying that the officials who work in the palace are eager to talk.

As reported Wonders of the city, the British soldiers at Buckingham Palace are known for obeying the rules. They will not even smile, let alone laugh at the sight of a foreigner from the royal family.

Members of the Nijmegen Grenadier Guards Company and the 1st Battalion of the Coldstream Guards take part in the Changing of the Guard, in front of Buckingham Palace in London, Britain, August 23, 2021. Yui Mok/Pool via REUTERSChanging of the guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace, London. (Photo: REUTERS/Yui Mok)

Not infrequently, the visitors of the palace who had fun with their ignorance provoked the king’s soldiers and smiled. But their efforts were in vain. No matter how many jokes or pictures you take, the words of the royal guards will not be changed.

The team a Buckingham Palace it has become a sight for foreign tourists to England. Tourists usually like to observe when the soldiers change the guard, which is a very beautiful time.

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The soldiers guarding the palace served the king very well. They are known as polite people and obedient to the laws of the kingdom. They won’t be fined for smiling at tourists in selfies, but that’s not what Buckingham Palace guards want.

So dedicated, these soldiers cannot leave their duty station to take a toilet break during their duty. However, be careful, at any time the king’s army can break the silence in certain situations.

They may talk or actually scream if strangers come near them or act aggressively. The most common cry of tourists around them is, “Make way for the Queen/King’s Guard!”

Well, if you are interested in seeing the British special forces at Buckingham Palace, please come to London, England. It takes about 40 minutes by road from Heathrow Airport to Buckingham Palace or Buckingham Palace.


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