Brigadier General Andi Rian’s expensive and stylish style is in the spotlight

Brigadier General Andi Rian’s expensive and stylish style is in the spotlight

Recently the figure of Brigadier General Andi Rian who served as Dirtipidum Bareskrim ‘Police often in the light of netizens because of the style of clothing.

It is known that every time he will perform, Brigadier General Andi Rian’s style of clothing, especially the dress he wears, can cost millions to tens of millions of rupiah.

Because of this, it is sent to the Twitter account @BosTemlen. By uploading, the user revealed the price of the shirt worn by Brigadier General Andi Rian.

The appearance of Brigadier General Andri Rian using a luxury brand has sparked a different debate on the occasion. Many people consider his style to be good as a public servant.

Brigadier General Andri Rian himself is known to have appeared publicly through a press conference to provide new information about the events of Brigadier J’s murder.

In one of the account’s tweets, the shirt used by Brigadier General Andri was linked to a model from a luxury brand, Burberry. The look can be seen from the bold Burberry motif.

Searching the official Burberry website, there is a similar product called Check Stretch Cotton Poplin Shirt and it is sold for US$ 490 or about Rp. 7 million.

Not only this, another dress that has also caught the attention of netizens is the white dress decorated with black horizontal stripes and the words ‘Burberry’ are decorated above the chest pocket. . He was also seen wearing this shirt when he was meeting the press at the Bareskrim police headquarters.

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The price of the shirt is also revealed at US$ 470 or about Rp. 7 million.

Not only the shirt, the netizens could not focus on the other accessories of Brigadier General Andi, namely the ring on his ring finger and his watch.

According to several posts on Twitter, the price of the ring is estimated at IDR 1.2 billion. While the watch is said to cost more than Rp. 240 million.

What a whore, not a few citizens who also live the news. Some residents gave negative comments and called it the luxurious lifestyle of high-ranking police officers.

But interestingly, not a few netizens think the upload is excessive. Some netizens say that the same shirt model can be found at a lower price.

The reason is different. There are many such types of fabric in the Atom market. You want to look for brands such as Prada, Fendi, LV, etc. Do not kiss” said the owner of the Twitter account @LindsayYonatan.

Other accounts, such as @hariyatidevione, even participate in the sale by uploading photos of other clothes of the same type. “Those who want silent version DM” he wrote.

Not only that, some netizens also immediately searched for the same item on a number of online shopping platforms. Some compare the prices offered are not as expensive as written.

Recently, the luxurious lifestyle of the top police officers is in the limelight. This immediately became the talk of many people after the police reconstructed the murder of Brigadier J in the house of Inspector General Ferdy Sambo.

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