Brazil: What we know about the invasion of power centers by Bolsonaro supporters

Brazil: What we know about the invasion of power centers by Bolsonaro supporters

On Sunday, January 8th, thousands of pro-Bolsonaro activists invaded the Congress and the Presidential Palace in Brasilia, causing extensive damage

An attack on democracy

This Sunday more than 300 people were arrested after the invasion of the Presidential Palace, Congress and the Supreme Court in Brasilia. This 4-hour attack was intended to bring down the Force. He embodies all the anger expressed by far-right activists over the recent enthronement of leftist President Lula a week ago. The latter denounce election fraud and call for a new election. This event apparently mirrors the invasion of the United States Congress on January 6, 2021, almost a year to the day.

The violence of this attack caused extensive damage to the furniture and infrastructure of Brazilian democracy. Proudly wearing the colors of Brazil, these pro-Bolsonaro activists defaced buildings that celebrate democracy and modern Brazilian genius. Among them is the magnificent Planato Palace, built by architect Oscar Niemeyer. After the congress and its concrete domes, it was the glass cube of the Federal Court of Justice (STF) and the marble block of the Planalto that were demoted by these “fascist vandals,” President Lula regrets.

The Brazilian President was away in Sao Paulo at the time of the events, but he firmly suppressed the violence on Twitter. ” The coup plotters who promoted the destruction of public property in Brasilia will be identified and punished. morning [lundi] We resume work in the palace [présidentiel] by Planalto. democracy always the Brazilian President tweeted on Sunday. According to the Washington Post, this coup embodies “the growing scourge of far-right agitators in western democracies”where radicalization is fueled “The rejection of electoral defeats”.

A worrying “fascist” uprising

An international consensus seems to be emerging: this attack was perpetrated by fascists supporting President Bolsonaro. The ex-president condemned the attack with lip service, he is currently in Florida. American Democrat-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has also asked to resign after condemning the attack by pro-Bolsonaro activists. According to TF1, the activists come from evangelical sectors, militias, the agri-food sector, a very powerful lobby in Brazil, and the extreme right.

Tweet by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

President Emmanuel Macron expressed his “unwavering” support for President Lula, while Biden calls the Bolsonarists’ violence “scandalous.” Western democracies around the world have severely scourged this attack on democracy. Neighboring countries also support President Lula. However, during the attack, some police officers were filmed taking photos or speaking to protesters. They were criticized for taking too long to force protesters out of Republican buildings. This event is therefore symptomatic of the many challenges that await President Lula, even if he believes that a coup d’état is needed today ” impossible “.

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