Brazil: French legislators denounce “attacks from the right”.

Brazil: French legislators denounce “attacks from the right”.

Several French elected officials from the presidential and left-wing opposition camps Sunday night slammed the “far-right attacks” in Brazil and showed their support for President Lula following the invasion of several institutions by Bolsonist militants.

This Sunday, January 8, while several Brazilian institutions were being invaded by militant Bolsonarists, several French elected officials denounced the “attacks by the extreme right” in Brazil.

“Solidarity with the Brazilian people, whose institutions are being attacked by far-right activists. This is where the conspiracy leads, delegitimizing a democratically elected president and challenging universal suffrage,” tweeted Macronist MEP Stéphane Séjourné, leader of the Renaissance party.

On the left, the rebel and ex-presidential candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon accused the Brazilian “extreme right” of “attempting a Trump-style coup against the new left-wing President Lula.” “Solidarity with Brazilian democracy!” he wrote on the same social network.

“This is the far right around the world! In the end always denial of democracy! Full support for #Lula President!” also underscored Socialist Party N.1 Olivier Faure, still on Twitter.

“6. January 2021 Washington January 8, 2023 Brasilia. The scenario is reproduced identically, with an extreme right rejecting the verdict of the polls. Support for Lula in restoring democracy in Brazil,” added his deputy colleague Valérie Rabault, vice-president of the National Assembly.

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Hundreds of supporters of far-right ex-President Jair Bolsonaro invaded Congress, the presidential palace and the Supreme Court in Brasilia on Sunday, a week after the inauguration of leftist President Lula, whose election they oppose.