Brands keep banning Giselle from Aespa and fans are fed up with Kpop news

Brands keep banning Giselle from Aespa and fans are fed up with Kpop news

AespaIt is Gisele Except for the promotional photos of another brand that the group works with, it was this time MLB, and the MYs don’t.

MLB announced aespa as its official global ambassador in August last year through an advertising campaign for the brand’s summer collection. All four members were stunned by the photos promoting MLB shirts, shoes, bucket hats and shoulder bags.

| MLB Korea

Even then, an error on the brand’s website prevented photos of Giselle from appearing alongside its members. In another section, his name was misspelled. This has rightly infuriated the MYs who have taken to social media to vent their frustration with MLB; the sentence “Aespa a quatre ans” also trending Twitter.

Giselle is misspelled as “Gieselle” on the MLB website. | MLB Korea

It wasn’t the last time the brand made the mistake of excluding the group’s lead rapper from promotional photos. This time the incident happened on MLB Koreait is official Instagram page on which Karine, winteretc Ningning had separate posts promoting the brand’s jacket – with Giselle absent once again.

Read hashtags #Giselle deserves better etc #Respect Giselle started on Twitter as part of a fan effort to get MLB to notice and correct their mistake.

MY even pointed out how hard Giselle works to promote MLB apparel when she wears it.

Unfortunately, MLB isn’t the only brand that has done this. In May last year CLUB CLUB Japan didn’t include Giselle’s photo in theirs Kill Cover Fixer Pillow Advertising. In another case, it was the Instagram account of the Korean University Festival who posted individual photos on separate posts by all members except Giselle.

At an earlier date, in 2020 SBS Gayo DaejeonReporters from various media apparently confused Giselle with aespa employees and blurred her face. They also did not upload individual photos of the idol, unlike its members.

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Also the agency Aespa, little entertainmentShe came under fire for taking over a week to do Giselle Spotify public playlist while that of other members was easily accessible.

MY continues to express frustration with all brands and companies involved and has committed to doing so until the issue of Giselle’s exclusion from the rest of the members is resolved.