“Boys Planet” fans imagine their ideal band

“Boys Planet” fans imagine their ideal band

On April 20, the long-awaited finale of the survival show “Boys Planet” took place.

Finally, fans around the world could discover the apprentices that make up the final group: ZEROBASEONE.

Despite being very popular, many trainees will not make their debut.

Of course, some fans are very disappointed not to see their favorite candidate in the finals group. And that’s understandable, because they all showed great talent!

While some fans took to social media to express their frustration, others decided to form their “ideal band.”

Such a proposal attracted a lot of attention, with many saying this team would be even better than the official finals.

This “new band” even has a name: 1 of Boys (or 1OBS). This group would consist of seven members.

1OBS would have an average age of 21 and an average height of 1.80 m. There would be 5 singers and 2 rappers, which seems to be a perfect balance for many people.

The first member of this group would be Lee Seunghwan. The singer is said to be the oldest in the group and finished 24th in the competition.

Then we have Na Kamden who would be a perfect rapper for the group. He finished the competition in 17th place.

The third member would be Park Hanbin, another singer. He came just before his debut as his last place was 11th.

As the group’s second rapper, we would find Lee Junghyeon, who charted at No. 15th Position.

Next we find Yoo Seungeon, a game singer who made a strong impression and died in the 16th centuryth Location.

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Then we have Kum Junhyeon, who was deeply loved by viewers who were heartbroken not to see his debut. he was 14th.

Finally, the group’s maknae would be Mun Junghyun, a talented young singer who died at 29th position of the competition.

After seeing this group proposal, many fans commented and said that they would like to see a debut together. Below the comments we can read:

  • “Without lying, it’s a solid team that mixes talent and looks. »
  • “When this group starts, I stand there without even thinking. »
  • “A group that starts with an average age of 21? I sign ! »
  • “Seunghwan, Jeonghyeon, Junhyeon, I love this team! »
  • “Okay, that would be my ultimate group without hesitation! »

What do you think ?