Boys Planet Episode 4 Kpop News Recap

Boys Planet Episode 4 Kpop News Recap

The fourth episode of Mnet’s survival program “Boys Planet” aired, which continued the intense rivalry between Group K and Group G.

Here’s a recap of the fourth installment in the series!

Boys Planet Episode 4 Recap: Groups continue their rivalry in the cover battle mission

In Episode 4 of “Boys Planet” the rivalry between G-Group and K-Group continued as they clashed over their cover fights.

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In Episode 3, Hwang Minhyun announced that the next mission will showcase the participants’ skills, star power, and teamwork in a round of combat. Seven teams have been split between the two batches, and each rival team will perform a song from a hit group.

After the mission, Star Creators will announce the winning team through on-site voting, followed by their first elimination on the show. As mentioned in Episode 3, Star Creators gives the winner 100,000 points.

It is also pooled with the seven teams in each group. For teams earning more points, an additional 10,000 points will be added.

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The 7 songs assigned to the groups were from popular, groundbreaking artists in K-pop. Their setlist included SEVENTEEN’s “VERY NICE”, EXO’s “LOVE ME RIGHT”, BTS’ “Danger”, NCT Dream’s “Hot Sauce”, Wanna One’s “Burn It Up”, Stray Kids’ “Back Door” and BLACKPINKs “Kill This Love”.


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The first three performances included SEVENTEEN’s “VERY NICE”, BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love” and EXO’s “Love Me Right”.

In Episode 4, the chapter began with Star Master Hwang Minhyun introducing the next group of cast members. Surprisingly, the next song will be “Burning Up” by Wanna One, a group Minhyun was a member of from 2017 to 2019.

Panels and fans immediately recognized how nostalgic the song was for Minhyun, prompting the Star Master to express how much he misses Wanna One.

Hwang Minhyun shares his thoughts on the mini album

(Photo: Twitter: @MINHYUN_PLEDIS)

In an unexpected section, the audience applauded Minhyun, prompting him to perform a short impromptu dance of “Burn Up.” The fans loudly applauded Minhyun while the contestants backstage stood in awe.

At the start of the fight, Minhyun expressed how excited he was to see the group covers and called the two teams onto the stage.

Here are the performances from Episode 4:

“Burn It Down” by Wanna One

Group G


K group


“Danger” by BTS

Group G


K group


“Back Door” by Stray Kids

Group G


K group


“Hot Sauce” by NCT ​​DREAM

Group G


K group


“Love Me Well” by EXO

K group


Check out the winners of the group battle missions:

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Nice: Group K

kill this love: group g

love me well: Group K

let it burn: Group K

Danger: Group K

make backor: Group K

Hot sauce: Group K

In the end, Group K won the mission with a total of 3,615 points while Group G scored 2,084 points. The mission ended with Group K as the winner, earning the members 10,000 points each.

As the episode drew to a close, Minhyun announced that contestants will have the opportunity to appear on M Countdown and present their PR video.

It is revealed that the Star Creators voted on a notable milestone among the 14 teams. The K-Team’s performance “Back Door” was voted the most spectacular stage, which made the group cheer.

Minhyun also added that the first survival announcement will be released, which will determine which 52 of the 93 trainees advance to the next round.

Which performance is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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