Bordeaux will host the new edition of Printemps des Expressions from March 21st to 24th!

Bordeaux will host the new edition of Printemps des Expressions from March 21st to 24th!

The Prex (Printemps des Expressions) was created on the initiative of Sylvie Schmitt and Cyrille Jauber. The aim of this event is to give young people a voice in times of climate change..

Since the election of the new mayor, Pierre Hormis, in 2020, the “Bordeaux breathes” program has been part of a major ecological transition. This spring event is for everyone, but especially for the 15-25 year olds. The aim is to enable them to do this capture the political issues of their time by giving them access to spaces where they can speak up. The event extends over 4 days with the establishment of 4 conferences led by cultural actors, teachers or even politicians, followed by 3 performances by young talents.

conferences for young people

Night of Bacchanalia: On March 21st, the Museum of Fine Arts in Bordeaux opens its doors for a night of artistic works by students. At the same time, music, dance and game performances take place in the garden of the town hall. The next day the first climate conference takes place in the town hall with the title: Climate emergency all actors, where many associations will be present. Finally, on March 23rd and 24th, the event will continue at the Hôtel Ragueneau: the conferences “Make or cook, you have to decide – young people talk to young people” followed the next day by “Building tomorrow – bubbling creations and initiatives of young people”.

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Share, exchange, learn

The city council of Vice Mayor Cyrille Jauber, who is responsible for education, said that the event made it possible “Harvesting the Expressions of Young People” before “Fears and misunderstandings of political decisions in relation to the climate”. It is also “the opportunity to comment on other issues they wish to debate” he adds. The master class on March 23 at Hôtel Ragueneau will focus on “Information Production in the Age of Climate Change – Disinformation, Infobesity and the Climate Emergency”, a very relevant conference to talk about how we can and must collect information in the age of buzz, disinformation and social networks. At the end of the conference there will be a collection of smartphone etc Unused charger organized by Bordeaux Metropole

A place of expression for young people

The last day, March 24 from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., a great evening of discovery recognizes the initiatives of young people, productions of former award winners of the project call “I accept the challenge”. A football game with recycled jerseys is organized, followed by a young woman performing a skateboarding show to finally discover a culinary journey into the heart of Cameroon’s flavors. These performances therefore honor young creatives who want to share, the entire event is organized entirely following an ecological and zero-waste approach. The ultimate goal is to harvest, establish, the expression of young people an assessment of their concerns, their questions in order to answer them in the best possible way and finally to encourage them to get involved.