BLACKSWAN’s Fatou reveals SHINee inspired her to become an idol

BLACKSWAN’s Fatou reveals SHINee inspired her to become an idol

BLACK SWANIt is Fat recently sat down with Asia 101 and filmed a youtube Video in which she shared some fun facts about herself. She spoke a lot, from her life in Senegal and Belgium to her feelings about being the leader of her band. Fatou also revealed that she is a giant shawol (SHINEe fan) and explained how the group inspired her to become a K-pop idol.

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Speaking about her upbringing, Fatou shared that she has loved music since she was a child. She explained that during her stay in Senegal, music is an integral part of the culture and has everything to do with it in her life. This is how she fell in love with her and decided that her future would also be linked to music.

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It wasn’t until she found SHINee that she decided to become a K-pop idol.

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SHINee’s impact on the K-Pop industry has been immense. Proof of this is the many 3rd and 4th generation idols gracing the industry stages today, as many of them have revealed little entertainment Band was the reason they became idols.

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Big names like TWICEIt is MOMO, SeventeenIt is Hoshi, SMSIt is Taehyunand old BY YOU Member Yes are just a few members of the list who fans “Shawol idols.

Fatou said that SHINee made her “fall in love with the K-pop genre » and “I want to be a K-Pop artist and be part of a K-Pop group.

There’s a charm, something that draws you in. I always knew I would do something with music, but I wasn’t sure…

– Fatou from BLACKSWAN

The BLACKSWAN star revealed that it was SHINee’s music specifically that made him want to become an idol as a career.

After seeing SHINee’s music I thought oh this is it, I love it.

— Fatou from BLACKSWAN

Knowing Fatou’s love for their idol group, the Shawols happily welcomed them into the fandom. A video of her adorable (and relatable) reaction to last year’s “Replay” has been making the rounds on Twitter and garnering lots of love from fandom.

Always the detectives, Shawols also discovered that Fatou follows the five members of SHINee (Jonghyun, Onew, Minho, Key and Taemin) on Instagram! Another testament to his love and dedication to the band.

Fatou even responded to a fan on Twitter calling SHINee her favorite K-Pop group!

Source: Asia 101 from the Korea Herald

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