BLACKPINK’s Jennie Surprises BABYMONSTER With Her Serious Side as Mentor – Kpopnews

BLACKPINK’s Jennie Surprises BABYMONSTER With Her Serious Side as Mentor – Kpopnews

The second episode of BABY MONSTERIt is Latest rating was recently released, revealing hand, Pharitaetc ahyeonTeam A’s performance and the introduction of the song Team B would perform in episode three.

Preview of BABYMONSTER | @Blink_Stay_mfr/Twitter

YG entertainment announced earlier this year that their new girl group would be out soon and would feature silhouettes of all seven members of BABYMONSTER.

The company has released individual photos and trailers, allowing fans to meet the seven talented members and learn more about the upcoming group.

After two months during which the public knew BABYMONSTER as seven members, YG Entertainment shocked fans by revealing that the group “never be” September

BABYMONSTER will never be a group of seven. It will definitely be less than seven.

— Yang Hyun Suk, Founder and Executive Producer of YG Entertainment

They have since announced that they will be a “last evaluationof members to determine the final composition of the group.

After the pre-debut group was split into two teams and the first episode focused on Team A, this week’s episode focused on spit, As a, chiquitaetc Haramwho made up the B-Team.

The song chosen for Team B was NOIRPINK“Stay” with , and who better to monitor their performance than BLACKPINK jenny?

Jennie the BLACKPINK | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

During the final episode, Jennie also oversaw the performance of the A-Team of rose‘s “Gone” and gave the members of BABYMONSTER some advice she wished she had heard as an intern.

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On this week’s episode, Jennie took advantage of her mentoring page and surprised the members of BABYMONSTER with her assessment of B-Team practice, proving her professionalism.

Jennie kindly commended Team B’s performance and congratulated each member.

After her praise, she got serious. Despite surprising the members of BABYMONSTER, Jennie offered valuable advice that showed her pro status after seven years as a successful idol.

Jennie asked if any of the members thought he would play for them and not just practice.

Jennie pointed out that Team B spent more time looking at themselves in the mirror than watching Jennie watching the members.

Her reason for getting more serious was to go back to giving advice that she wished she had known as an intern.

If you don’t sing like you’re really delivering something to the listener, no matter how good you are, the singing won’t move me. It was something I wish (would have) done better. When you do this in real life, the focus shifts to someone else because the performer isn’t paying attention to the listener.

—Jennie the BLACKPINK

Jennie’s sincere advice touched the BABYMONSTER members and Jennie became passionate solar as she encouraged her to lift her spirits while once again praising her talents.

Check out the second Latest rating Follow in the video below!

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