BLACKPINK Rosé, (G)I-DLE Minnie, plus ! • Kpopnews

BLACKPINK Rosé, (G)I-DLE Minnie, plus ! • Kpopnews

Although there are male K-pop idols who are known to be left-handed, there are also female idols who are popular for being left-handed. Left-handed or just plain ambidextrous, fans always love them for that, and that’s why they should be acknowledged.

Here Are 8 Female K-Pop Idols Who Are Left-Handed!


(Photo: Rose Instagram)

BLACKPINK Rosé is the only left-handed member of the group, with a talent for drawing and writing with his dominant left hand. She can even do a 360 degree spin with her wrists, which amazes many BLINKS!

2. (G)I-DLE Minnie

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(Photo: Minnie (Instagram))

In (G)I-DLE, Minnie is also the only left-handed member! She is also known as the tallest member of (G)I-DLE.

3. TWICE Jeongyeon

TWICE Jeongyeon

(Image: Facebook: TWICE)

TWICE Jeongyeon is two-handed and uses both hands to his advantage. However, she is constantly seen using her left hand for eating, cooking, and writing!

Jeongyeon being able to use both never ceases to amaze UNIQUE. It also adds to her charm as well as her girl crush look!

4. MAMAMOO-Hwasa


(Photo: Instagram: @_mariahwasa)

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MAMAMOO Hwasa was mentioned in Solar’s vlog post “Solarsido,” where the leader was preparing for International Left-Hander Day. Hwasa shared the disadvantages of a southpaw.

She explained to me that when she was writing, the ink spilled from the pen all over her hand! Nonetheless, Hwasa finished on a high note, commending all lefties for their nature!

5. SNSD Hyoyeon

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(Photo: Hyoyeon (News1))

According to SONEs, Hyoyeon is ambidextrous and can use both left and right hands.

6. IV King

IV King

(Photo: IVETwitter)

IVE Rei is one of K-pop’s new leftists. Her fandom, DIVEs, are quite surprised to learn that she is left-handed. Watching the idol in one of her YouTube vlogs “1, 2, 3, IVE,” Rei could be seen constantly using her left hand in her episode 0.

7. Oh my daughter Arin

O my daughter Arin

(Photo: Instagram: @ye._.vely618)

According to fans, Oh My Girl Arin is ambidextrous. The idol is usually seen eating and drawing with his left hand. However, she switches to the right hand when writing. Arin too mention in a live stream that his grandfather told him to use his right hand more.

8. NMIXX Sullyoon

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(Photo: Sullyoon (MoneyS))

Sullyoon is the only left-handed member of NMIXX. Besides her dominant hand, fans also love her for having a visual mix of Sana and Tzuyu from TWICE!

Do you know other female K-pop idols who are left-handed or ambidextrous? Let us know in the comments below!

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