BLACKPINK Jennie suffers a facial injury

BLACKPINK Jennie suffers a facial injury

In the Weverse fandom, BLACKPINK Jennie revealed to fans that she sustained a facial injury. What happened?

On March 3, BLACKPINK Jennie took to fandom communication platform Weverse to update fans about her facial injury.

(Photo: Jennie (News1))

According to the idol and future actress, she injured her face while exercising. Although it left scars on her face and she had to wear bandages for a time, she reassured fans, especially BLINK’s, that she had nothing to worry about.

Here is BLACKPINK Jennie’s full message:


It’s nothing but I’ll post it first in case you’re surprised.

I took care of my health during the break, ate well and slept well, but I stumbled and fell a bit while playing sports, leaving a small scar on my face. I wanted to get well soon so I’m not worried about BLINK but it’s still healing so I think I’ll wear a bandage over my face for a while. Please understand if I sound silly.

I have to give you guys a good performance, but I’m sorry for being like this, everyone. I’ll be fine soon so don’t worry and see you soon!”

BLACKPINK Jennie Suffers a Facial Injury - Here's What Happened

(Photo: Jennie (News1))

Once BLACKPINK Jennie posted her message, K-Pop enthusiasts, especially her fandom, shared her encouraging message on social media platforms, wishing her a speedy recovery. Many also reminded her to always take care of herself and put her safety first.

In response, Jennie left another comment for concerned fans, apologizing:

“That’s why I don’t have time to take pictures these days and I get treated every day. I’m sorry BLINK. Now that it’s happened, I’ll try to take photos with the bandage on too. “


(Image: BLACKPINK Jennie (January 16))

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In 2020, Jennie also suffered a leg injury during her break from her activities while exercising. The idol confessed that she was hooked at the time and wished she could sweat even more and run on the treadmill after her Pilates workout. As before, the “SOLO” singer tripped and injured her ligament, which explains why she has to use crutches.

We hope for Jennie’s speedy recovery!

BLACKPINK Jennie turns up at the airport after being injured

BLACKPINK Jennie Suffers a Facial Injury - Here's What Happened

(Photo: Jennie (mydaily))

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK, of which Jennie is a member, recently headlined the world’s largest K-pop girl group tour, which was attended by an estimated 1.5 million people. Last year, 14 concerts in North America in 7 cities and 10 tours in Europe in 7 cities were successfully completed.

The quartet will also headline the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in the US in April and the Hyde Park British Summertime Festival in the UK in July.

On the same day, Jennie caught the eye while checking in with BLACKPINK Lisa at Gimpo International Airport (Seoul Gimpo Business Aviation Center (SGBAC)) despite her injuries.

BLACKPINK Jennie Suffers a Facial Injury - Here's What Happened

(Photo: Jennie (News))

The female idols were due to head to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to continue their Asian leg “BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR (BORN PINK)” in Kuala Lumpur, which will take place on March 4th.

Jennie appeared unharmed in her photos, however it was noted that she tried to cover her face with her hair and sunglasses.

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Written by Eunice Dawson.